Bachelor Courses

Forget about boring, theoretical courses in huge universities where no one knows your name

Get ready to live your dream as you enter an advanced, creative, four-year, technical degree in a real film studio. Courses include Filmmaking, Animation, Journalism, Advertising, Graphics and Photography.

Three internships, international collaborations, real industry projects, world-class faculty, and small class sizes. These are just a few reasons why you and your family will love our government-recognized bachelor’s degree.
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Masters Courses

It’s time to write your own story with a two-year Master’s or a Media MBA

We know your time is precious, so jump straight into intensive training in filmmaking, advertising, journalism, photography or media management. You’ll love the curriculum focus on academic rigour, creative inquiry and professional technical skills.

Experienced faculty, real industry projects and great placement partners will ensure a seamless transition from your studies to your career. Build your network across our diverse student body and make your passion your profession!
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Short Courses

A day, a week, or a month, learn new skills while you balance other commitments

We know that many aspiring filmmakers and actors are already working or studying full-time. Our short courses in filmmaking, acting, photography and scriptwriting let you spend evenings or weekends on your creative development, without interrupting the rest of your life.

With courses as short as six days, or as long as six months, you’ll gain new creative skills for either a hobby or a career. Some short courses even include industry internships!
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