bachelors in animation at AISFM

Bachelor of Animation + VFX

Receive world-class training in all aspects of animation and visual effects, from drawing and painting, to high-end software and the latest digital workflow management techniques. Students are prepared to enter top animation and VFX studios, while receiving an accredited degree that allows further education.


The talent requirement in the Indian animation and VFX industry is not people who know how to use a piece of software that will be obsolete in a few years anyway – but people who understand story, character, camera, editing, and have the artistic skills to bring their visions to life.
At AISFM animation students share classes with film students on the elements of cinema that build successful films. Our animation students can also attend the regular guest lectures by leading directors, cinematographers, editors, sound designers and actors.

Eligibility – 12th standard/10+2 in any stream, with minimum marks of 50%
Admissions Process – Please register below. We will contact you to provide you with the application materials. After submitting the form, with your Statement of Purpose, if shortlisted you will be invited to 2-3 rounds of personal interviews and a drawing test.


Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Animation + VFX
University: Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture & Fine Arts University, Hyderabad
Degree type: Full-time, government recognised.
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Admissions Eligibility – 12th standard/10+2 in any stream, with minimum marks of 50%
Admissions Process – Please register using the form on this page. We will contact you to provide you with the application materials. Our admissions office will consider previous academic history, an application essay and the results of our personal interview rounds in selecting candidates for the course.

July 2015 Intake

View admissions deadlines here.


Students can apply to this course before receiving their final academic or exam results. Selected students will receive conditional enrollment, which will be confirmed once the results are provided.
If all seats are filled during early/main admissions, late admissions will not be accepted. Most of our courses accept fewer than 20 students, and some courses accept fewer than 10 students. We strongly recommend applying as early as possible to have the best chance of securing a seat.


The four-year curriculum for the BFA is composed of Core Subjects, which are mandatory for all students. Currently, this course does not offer specialisations or electives, however these may be introduced in the future.

Degree Requirements Credit Hours
Core Subjects 183
Total 183

Full Subject List – Core Subjects

Mandatory for all students

Syllabus Semester 1 Credit Hours
English I 3
History of Western Art I 3
Fundamentals of Storytelling 3
Drawing I 3
Color Design I 3
Conceptual Art I 3
Forms and figures 3
Syllabus Semester 2 Credit Hours
English II 3
History of Western Art II 3
Fundamentals of Scriptwriting 3
Introduction into Filmmaking 3
Drawing II 3
Color Design II 3
Conceptual Art II 3
Basic Modeling 3
Narrative Illustration 3
Syllabus Semester 3 Credit Hours
Psychology I or Political Science 3
History of Animation 3
Computer Basics 3
Story Boarding 3
Layout Design 3
2D Character Design 3
Back Ground Design 3
Syllabus Semester 4 Credit Hours
Environmental Studies 3
Psychology II or Comparative Mythology 3
Introduction to Indian Art 3
Sequential Drawing 3
Key Frame Animation 3
Photography 3
Compositing – I 3
Portfolio – I 3
Syllabus Semester 5 Credit Hours
Web Based Animation 3
Pre-Production 3
Advanced Modeling 3
Props & Set Modeling 3
Character Modeling 3
Texturing 3
Lighting 3
Syllabus Semester 6 Credit Hours
Production 3
Rigging 3
Acting for Animators 3
Character Animation 3
Facial Animation 3
Camera Technique & Rendering 3
Syllabus Semester 7 Credit Hours
Post-Production 3
Video Shooting and Editing 3
Sound Editing 3
Compositing – II 3
Portfolio – II 3
Syllabus Semester 8 Credit Hours
Internships / Practical Training 3
Final Project 3
Thesis 3

Fee Details

Indian (INR) International (INR)
Semester 1 165000 180000
Semester 2 160000 180000
Semester 3 137500 180000
Semester 4 135000 180000
Semester 5 137500 180000
Semester 6 135000 180000
Semester 7 127500 150000
Semester 8 75000 100000
Total 1072500 1330000

Scholarships are available on the basis of merit. For more details talk to our admission department.
Security deposit of Rs.1,00,000. Of this amount Rs50,000 is payable at the time of admission and the second instalment must be paid at the start of the second semester. The amount will be refunded at course completion, subject to any deductions.
Software costs. Each course has certain compulsory requirements for software purchase. These can be purchased through selected vendors at educational discounts.
Laptop. Each Student must own a laptop from the beginning of the first year. The required specifications will be provided to students upon them securing admission. Students can bring their own laptop or purchase one through our selected vendors at educational discounts. We strongly advise students not to purchase laptops until the specifications are provided, as a particular brand/configuration may be mandatory.
Camera. Each Student must own a DSLR camera. The required specifications will be given in the offer letter. Students can bring their own camera or purchase one through our selected vendors at educational discounts.
Insurance. All students are compulsorily enrolled in the student group medical and accident cover. The cost is approximately Rs.3200 per year and is charged annually.
Elective Course Charges. Some optional subjects carry additional course fees to cover the costs of specialised materials or technology. Students will be made aware of these charges at the time of selecting their optional subjects.
*All fee details are subject to change.

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