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Hollywood Business Expert joins AISFM Business Administration Program

AISFM in its ever striving approach for bringing in the best in each field now brings on board renowned Hollywood business expert, author and President of FilmProfit, Jeffrey Hardy as an Advisor for its Business Administration Degree program. Jeffrey Hardy who has consulted for companies like 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Company, Eastman Kodak, BBC, Universal Music Group … [Read More...]

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Kandaswamy Bharathan joins AISFM Advisory Board

Well-known Producer of award winning films such as Roja, Annamalai, Muthu and many others Kandaswamy Bharathan is now on the Advisory Board of AISFM. An alumnus … [Read More...]


Hyderabad In A Blink!

Hyderabad In A Blink, is quite literally that! A beautiful, descriptive, engaging, creatively shot and captured video! Capturing the various aspects of Hyderabad … [Read More...]

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Suthapalli Devi, Scaling New Heights!

Suthapalli Devi, our BFA (Animation + VFX) student, has conquered the first of her many dreams and gigantic summits. Devi who was on an Everest Expedition reached … [Read More...]


Srungaram, AISFM Students’ Music Video Premiere Held

A proud achievement and moment for AISFM, a few of our talented students have made a music video with some of the legends of the film industry. Srungaram is the … [Read More...]

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Big Bowling Tournament Win for Tanya

It is a very joyous occasion for us since Tanya Joshi, our AISFM student has won the 1st position in not one but two bowling tournaments! The first one being the 7h Bowling Tournament and then the inaugural Hyderabad Open Tenpin Bowling Tournament which is … [Read More...]


Greatest Horror Thriller Movies of All Time

There are some movies that are etched in your memory forever, not because you are fond of them but because they scared the daylights out of you! You were so scared that you could not sleep at night or get out of the bed or move around in the dark without a … [Read More...]


Productive Things to Do During Your Downtime

The fast-paced lifestyle, busy schedules and 24/7 social media updates, information surplus bombarded into your life constantly, one is bound to feel down, low and burned out sometimes. All the work, busy schedule and stress can take a lot out of a person. … [Read More...]


Best Mobile Editing Apps

Editing can be difficult to do on your phone if you don't have the right app. There are many mobile photo editing and video editing apps available across all app stores, making it tough to choose; more the choice, more the confusion. Creating great visual … [Read More...]


Things you didn’t know about Bahubali!

Bahubali, a movie that has created and rewritten history in the annals of Indian cinema and how! The most awaited film, SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Bahubali: The Conclusion surely kept its words as the biggest film made on Indian celluloid and the massive, … [Read More...]

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The Man behind the “Visual Treat”: D.o.P of “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” at AISFM Campus!

SS Rajamouli's magnum opus “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion" is breaking all records with its successful run at the box-office. The film which is in its second week has garnered an estimated whooping 1000 crore across India, on its second Monday. Mr. K K Senthil … [Read More...]