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“The Fall Guy”, Bob Brown visits AISFM

Bob Brown was at the AISFM Campus addressing the students and sharing his experiences about the time he was working as a stunt man and later a stunt coordinator in a numerous set of Hollywood projects, including both film and television. Bob is also a World Champion professional high diver. A stunt coordinator is usually an experienced stunt performer hired by a TV, film or … [Read More...]

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Rewind: 80s & 90s Forgotten Boy Bands!

In the late ‘80s and ‘90s, the "boy band fever" ruled all around. Though most of the pop stars were introduced by the likes of the Beatles and followed by the mania … [Read More...]


End the interview on a great note by asking this question!

So, the interview is done with and you have tacked all the questions the interviewer had with ease. You have also asked the basic questions about the job profile, … [Read More...]

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The perfect Christmas playlist!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to do it than with music. Christmas time is the time of the year to spread love and cheer all over. Whatever age … [Read More...]


Introducing the perfect Introduction!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! And the best way to make that good first impression is to hook your readers with a great … [Read More...]

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A dozen tips on how to get a job using social media

Social media has made it all the more easier to find a job, and the right one at that! It connects you to the right people who can help you get your dream job. Of late, more and more companies are hiring people using social media and so are young professionals … [Read More...]

Greatest party playlist for this New Year’s Eve

Greatest party playlist for this New Year’s Eve

Was 2016 a good year for you? Celebrate this fact with an amazing new year’s bash. Had a bad year? No issues, let’s party the night away in hopes of a good year ahead – This is what happens to most people at the end of every year. Whether 2016 was a good year … [Read More...]


Down with Stress and Anxiety? Few ways for you to cope up!

Stress and Anxiety are very normal in our daily lives. Anxiety is usually a reaction to the stress. Stress is a response to a threat in any situation (situations*). It takes over the mind and later your life. Don't let it! You can cope up with it even though … [Read More...]


Get ready for #2017: Trailers of the most awaited movies!

As 2016 is just coming to an end, it is time to switch our attention to #2017 and especially to the cinematic treats we have awaiting us. With big names, huge franchises and a lot more in store, here is a list of the trailers that may tempt you to be … [Read More...]

Speaking the unspoken - aisfm

‘Speaking the unSPOKEN’ – Aayush Agarwal

The documentary, ‘unSPOKEN’, is a journey of a forty-year-old man, in a seven minute time span, about how he stands strong, not only for himself but for others like him. It is an attempt to speak about the taboo that is not spoken about even though there are … [Read More...]


Throwback to the best TV shows #2016 had to offer!

As the year moves towards the end, we witnessed some great T.V. shows that made an exceptional mark on the binge-viewers and the critics, this year. Let the binge watching begin (if it still hasn’t) because this list is a must-watch for all before 2016 … [Read More...]