New words to learn!

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind”

…said famous English short-story writer, poet, and novelist Joseph Rudyard Kipling.

Oh, the power of words! Words! It’s all we have, to express!


Words are the inner workings of our minds and hearts and there is no better way to know a person than to listen to him or her speak, to know what they read, to understand whom they admire,  or just about anything about them.

Words, whether spoken or written, indicate whether a person is educated, cultured, kind or not. It all boils down to their choice of words and what they say. Throughout history and even now in this present world of new-age technology and hi-tech gadgets, words have had as much power as the sword and still do. They shape ideas and give them form and meaning.

Revolutions have begun with words, men have been stirred to battle by words earlier and dictators have influenced countries by words. Words have been the mute witness to many a life saved or sent people to their deaths.

And when someone says “I give my word”, it means ‘to promise’ and ‘to speak the truth’. Words convey love and build trust; they shape character and tender hearts. They can shape our children and can also offend people.

Words have the unimaginable power to scorn and heal at the same time. And while there are n number of words that exist, many are biting the dust while many others are been added to our lingo.

Here are some words and phrases that have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year.

New word entries:

  • anti-unionism, n.
  • athame, n.
  • belayer, n.
  • concelebrated, adj.
  • conceptor, n.
  • concertist, n.
  • heal, adj.
  • hoverboard, n.
  • lotless, adj.
  • pneumatologically, adv.
  • studerite, n.
  • take-back, n.
  • tellinid, n. and adj.
  • telly, n.
  • unipolarly, adv.
  • uniport, n.
  • uniporter, n.
  • unitage, n.
  • unitizing, n.
  • water blue, n. and adj.
  • water bomb, n.
  • water cycle, n.
  • water equivalent, n.
  • water leat, n.
  • water sickness, n.
  • water source, n.
  • waterboard, v.
  • watercolouring | watercoloring, n.
  • water-cycle, n.
  • water-cycle, v.
  • waterly, adj.
  • water-repellence, n. 

New phrases:

  • to feel one’s age
  • to make oneself felt
  • feel free
  • to have feelings for
  • to have a feeling for
  • do you feel me?
  • all over the lot
  • you can take (a person) out of ——, but you can’t take —— out of (a person)
  • to take (a thing) where one can find it
  • to take what one can get
  • take it away!
  • it takes two to ——
  • what took you (so long)?
  • (it) takes one to know one
  • that’s telling me
  • that’s me told
  • now he tells me
  • you tell me
  • I’m telling you
  • what did I tell you
  • that’s telling him
  • blood will tell
  • to tell the bees
  • to tell (a person) where to go
  • there’s no telling
  • united we stand divided we fall
  • to carry water for
  • to feel something in one’s water
  • to hole below the waterline

 Want to know the meanings of the words? Well, it’s time to pick up a dictionary and find out!

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language,
And next year’s words await another voice”

…said celebrated American poet, essayist, publisher and playwright T.S. Eliot; and what better way to sum it all up than his words!

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