Devi, rolling in the victories


It’s a moment of great pride for us, when one of our students wins an award, be it in any field. Suthapalli Devi, our BFA first year student has won gold medals in the field of sport recently. Here’s congratulating her and wishing her loads of luck for upcoming competitions.

Devi won not one or two but three gold medals in the 300 mts, 500mts and 1000 mts  in the Telangana State Roller Skating Championship held during December 24th to 27th 2015. Adding another feather to her cap and keeping the winning streak going, Devi won a Bronze in skating at the National Games held in Pune!

But the champ is not too happy about the recent win, since she was aiming for the gold. “I am not happy about the recent nationals, I didn’t reach my goal. This is due to lack of practice on my side. When I was in my hometown my parents would take me to all my practice sessions. But after coming to the hostel I have to manage everything so it became difficult to travel all the way (my skating class is 16km away), practice, come back and then complete all my class assignments. So I couldn’t practice well enough.” She goes on to add that her “parents are my backbone. I am nothing without them.”

Juggling her life between both her passions, skating and animation; if she had to choose one between them, she said that she would “definitely choose skating, because skating is a sport which can be pursued only till a certain age, later on even if I want to skate, after a certain level the body would definitely not support. At some point I will have stop. But animation can be pursued anytime, so I would definitely prefer skating.”

For a person so passionate about the sport, that is not an unfathomable thing to say. Her love for skating started quite young, at the age of four to be precise. To overcome a health issue, she started skating which soon became her passion. In the long skating journey so far, she has participated 13 times in the Nationals, where every year she needs to first qualify two levels to participate, i.e. the district level and then the state level.

Practicing, participating in the Nationals, attending classes, completing assignments etc. how has it been handling the busy schedule? To this, she said “as I started skating since childhood I got habituated to the busy schedule, which is skating for four hours a day, attending college and two hours of study time. This is the schedule I have been following since L.K.G. Later on it became difficult to manage both studies and sports, but my parents motivated and supported me a lot.”

Next on the calendar for the champ are the competitions that will start in November this year. “This year my goal is to make a national record in the 300mtrs race and I have already started working towards it. I promised my dad that I will make a new record this time. Whatever happens and no matter how difficult it might be, I am sure I am going to do this in the upcoming nationals and make my parents proud,” said the confident girl who will not rest till she achieves her goal.

So, what are her friends and family saying about her recent laurels? “My friends and family are actually happy with the result. Whether I win or lose there will be no complaints from my parents and they have never put any kind of pressure. They have always supported me a lot and I am lucky to have them,” she added.

She signed off with rue and is hopeful of some able support soon, “skating is a type of sport where we need to invest a lot and my dream is to participate in internationals. But due to lack of sponsors I didn’t. I don’t want to burden my parents. So I hope I will get a good sponsor in the future soon.”

We are sure Devi will keep the winning streak going and garner more laurels along the way. Here’s wishing her all the luck!


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