Hyderabad In A Blink!


Hyderabad In A Blink, is quite literally that! A beautiful, descriptive, engaging, creatively shot and captured video!

Capturing the various aspects of Hyderabad that make it the city that it truly is, an amalgamation of old world charm and new-age technologies, is wonderfully captured in the video ‘Hyderabad In A Blink’ shot by our AISFM BFA students.


Directed and cut by Kushal Raj Patnaik, it was shot by Kushal Raj Patnaik, Navneeth Dodla and Shashank Dommalapati. The video by Drifting Nomads has been featured in VoxSpace, ChaiBisket and other blogs and was also featured on Radio Mirchi Love 104.


Speaking about the video, here is what Kushal has to say:

“An interesting way of exploring the city, the project began as an experimentation of what can be done out of what we have. Being in Hyderabad for four years sure did make us feel monotonous about the city, but it all went away as we stepped out of our little cubicles and explored the city at a stretch. And I must say, the city is not just about Charminar or Golconda, but also about the various people that reside in it and the charm they have around them.”


“The residual Iranian culture in the city, the Royal Gourmet of the Nizams and the Mughals, the Arabian Shawarma; the list shall go on until my fingers start bleeding from typing them all.”


“This is Hyderabad seen by us in a week of amazing times, beautiful smiles, little talks over chai and don’t forget the plethora of crispy dosas that the city is known for. Hope you like the video.”


P.S. I don’t care which Hindi you speak, Hyderabadi Hindi is the best I have heard so far!

Enjoy the video here:


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