Suthapalli Devi, Scaling New Heights!


Suthapalli Devi, our BFA (Animation + VFX) student, has conquered the first of her many dreams and gigantic summits. Devi who was on an Everest Expedition reached the Everest Base Camp successfully and is back in Hyderabad.

So, how was the experience of reaching the base camp, how did she prepare for this expedition; what were her fitness routines and diet, how did she get the thought of going for this expedition, what did her parents, friends and family have to say before the expedition and after the expedition et al….these were a few questions that we had to ask her once she returned successfully from her expedition. Here she talks to us, in her own words, sharing complete details of the expedition, starting from leaving Hyderabad and reaching Hyderabad, the toughest part of the expedition for her, which of the 3 passes was the most difficult for her, was it more challenging physically or mentally and more! Read on to find out what she has to say!


Well, to start with, this was my first expedition and one of the best experiences ever. I am in love with all the memories. It was peaceful over there, where you could see and experience nature firsthand.

The temperature was -8 degrees which was a bit difficult for me to and so was the trek. It was 60 percent steep and oxygen levels were 50 percent lesser than the normal range. But the scenic views after reaching the view points and summits are really awesome. All the hard work paid off!

The main part of this trek is the 3-way pass where you need to climb three mountains to reach Everest Base Camp and this is the toughest route to reach Everest Base Camp. I chose this because it is challenging for me. There were a few times when I wanted to give up but I didn’t because I wanted to complete this challenge because no Indian girl till today could complete this expedition and I didn’t want to be in that list. I wanted to be different from them and so I completed it.


I didn’t find it very difficult while climbing; however I found it scary while climbing down. I am very scared of heights and water. There is one pass which is 5,675m and I was supposed to climb this mountain and go onto the other side. The climbing was easy for me and I reached the summit in 45 minutes, much before the expected time. I was enjoying the beautiful view all around. That place was really awesome. Then it was time for us to head down to the tea houses. The way back was very steep, the path was very slippery and on the other side there was heavy snowfall; added to this was a lake just beside the mountain. Any wrong step and we would directly fall into the lake. I managed to climb down somehow with the help of the guide and the porter. This is one experience which scared me to death!!!

As I am into fitness and a healthy life style, I didn’t prepare much for the trek. I just made sure that my endurance levels were good because endurance is the key point to complete this trek. Coming to diet, I always eat healthy food so I didn’t make any changes in my diet also. I don’t follow a strict diet but I make sure that my calorie intake is not beyond my daily limit.

Last year I went for Mount Everest Climbing Selections which was conducted by the state government. Here if you get selected they will train you and take care of all the expenses. I actually got selected in that and had the opportunity to go till the Summit, but I was asked to attend three months training plus two months climbing time which is equal to one semester in college. I couldn’t dedicate that much time and so gave it up. Later on through Facebook advertisements I came to know about Everest Base Camp expeditions. Since we have a summer break in college for one month I wanted to use the time productively and make it worthwhile, so I went on this expedition. I went with an agency called Adventure Nation, which organises Himalaya treks and adventure sports.


It was all exciting starting from Hyderabad; but I also had some fears like whether I could adjust to the climate, will I be able to complete it or not? And I was travelling alone for the first time. The trek path was with many ups and downs and the walking part was a bit difficult for me because I am not a long runner. I always go for short sprints even in my game. So for the first few days it was difficult for me to walk but later on I got used to the climate, people, incline and everything else.

The best part of the trek was that I met many people and could interact with them. I realised that there is a lot to see and learn in life. I actually saw what life is. It’s true that you can only see real life when you come out of your comfort zone. Now I can say that I have friends in many parts of the world.

The total trek was for 25 days; I stayed back in Kathmandu for two more days and went for a city tour and learnt a few things about their culture and lifestyle. I finally came back to Hyderabad after that. The funniest part is that I am not able to handle this heat. Lol! J I just need some time to recover.

Initially, it was a bit difficult for me to convince my parents but my mom was very supportive of my decision. She always trusts me which I would keep up for sure. My dad was worried about my security but later on he too managed to convince himself and gave me a send off with a smile on his face. He made sure that I have a safe journey. My friends too supported and encouraged me for this. Coming to public and relatives, they are always the first ones to discourage you and pull you back, but I don’t care at all. My parents’ words and decisions only matter to me, so when they were happy with my decision I went on this expedition.

It was challenging for me, only mentally. I always feel I’m physically strong but not mentally. Maybe I should start exercising to become strong from inside too.

Now I want to complete all the seven summits in the world and I am planning to go to Kilimanjaro in South Africa next May.

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