About Us

The Annapurna International School of Film and Media is India’s first private, non-profit and completely student-focused media school.

AISFM’s goal is to be one of the finest film-institutes in India, and one of the finest in the world. To achieve this, the generous Akkineni family (the school’s primary backers) and management have built the school on the grounds of a major film studio in the heart of Hyderabad, set-up a film fund to produce commercial films using the school’s own students and faculty as cast and crew and drawn some of the biggest names in cinema as teachers and academic advisors. Come join us. Come grow with us. Come start your career with AISFM.

We believe now, today, AISFM offers the best acting school in India, the best directing school, and the best courses in cinematography, editing, writing and producing.

What separates AISFM from other film schools in India?

Yes, the film fund, the location inside a studio and the industry heavyweights that are tied to the school. But mostly, it’s our total devotion to students. This means intense faculty training, to ensure classes are incredibly productive and fun. This means working non-stop to land our students great positions in the industry. This means building a reputation as one of the finest film-institutes in India, so that when our students go out into the world, the world knows they attended the finest acting institute in India, or the finest directing institute, or took the best mass media courses available.

Come join us. Bring your talents to the best acting institute in India, or the best cinematography school in India…to any of our courses. With your talent, and our training, you can build a career in media and be proud to know you attended one of the premier film schools in India.