Master Class with Veteran Artist Akella


Master classes are always looked forward to, by our students. For it is the value that the master class setup brings; all students benefit from the master's comments on a subject and get expert advice, while still learning the finer nuances of their art. They also help students network and plan … [Read more...]

“Don’t Prove a Point, Do it for Yourself”, says Swapna Ashok 


On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th, well-known TV host, writer, singer, journalist and radio jockey, Swapna Ashok came to Mayabazar, AISFM campus for a very engaging, interactive and lively session, which was held exclusively for women. Currently managing editor of Telugu … [Read more...]

Master Class by Sunitha Tati, Well-Known Film Producer


Sunitha Tati, well-known film producer in various regional films, conducted a Master Class for the students at AISFM. Sunitha comes from a background of executive producing movies under Guru Films Pvt. Ltd. She has worked with industry bigwigs like Daggubati Suresh Babu and Gautham Menon. As the … [Read more...]

Art direction decoded!


Famous art director of Indian films, Rajeevan Nambiar visited AISFM campus recently to hold a Master Class on art direction for our MA1 students. His journey began doing art direction for ad films and television serials, before being given the opportunity to work in a feature film for the first time … [Read more...]

The evolution of animation since the reign of Reiniger


Charlotte "Lotte" Reiniger, born 1899, was a German film director and the foremost pioneer of silhouette animation. Her passion for cinema and precision in work left a lasting impression on everyone including Walt Disney, who took her to Hollywood. Reiniger made over 40 films in her career, … [Read more...]

From script to screen – learning the art of seamless transition


The third semester of the MA (Film + Media) course at AISFM is a hectic time for students. Deep in some of the most complex subjects of their specialization, they also prepare to produce their graduation films. And this year too, screenwriting students have been buried in their laptops, or … [Read more...]

Tale Of A Lonely Trail


Jan Zabeil’s directorial debut, The River Used to be a Man, is a riveting watch. Screened recently at AISFM, the film is about a man lost in the Botswana marshlands. Starring Alexander Fehling, the film has a loosely observational, semi-documentary feel in its first half, as a nameless, German man … [Read more...]

Bangalore/Chennai/Kolkata workshops this week!

Our seminar tour rolls onwards this weekend, like an unstoppable force of filmmaking goodness :-) Last week's workshops in Vizag and Vijayawada had an amazing turnout with over 340 film lovers, from every walk of life, gathering together to learn more about film direction and career options in … [Read more...]

Hyderabad ‘Film + Media Career’ workshops this week! 30th and 31st May

Our national tour of workshops, on filmmaking and careers in the film and media industry, kicked off in Hyderabad back in August 2011. Since then we have crisscrossed the country and even hopped over to Malaysia. Over 3000 aspiring filmmakers and media managers have experienced our highly … [Read more...]

Mumbai + Indore media career seminars this weekend!

Yup! our super-awesome national career seminar tour chugs into Indore on Saturday the 26th and Mumbai on Sunday the 27th of May. Over the last year, more than three thousand aspiring filmmakers and media managers have attended these workshops, and the response has always been great. Each … [Read more...]