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  • Find out the key factors that help you to determine whether a college is good enough for you.

  • Get to know about the schools dealing with specializations in MBA.

  • Figure out the essentials of a good MBA.

  • Become that manager who every company is looking for.

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  • Hone the skills that will help you land that perfect Assistant Director job.e-guide@blog_07 (1)

  • Learn how to scout locations, plan call sheets, and schedule a film shoot.

  • Understand script breakdown and learn the essence of film


  • The most famous actors in the world talk about what it’s like to be an actor.e-guide@acting_07

  • Top tips on what it takes to make it big in one of the world’s most exciting industries.

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  • This guide will give you all the ammo you need to become a top PR professional.e-guide@PR_07

  • Chart your journey up the corporate ladder using our unique approach.

  • Break down the jargon with our easy-to-use guide to the


  • Learn about the various types of photography and what they entail.photography_book

  • Get the lowdown on the techniques that will make you a world-class photographer.

  • A step-by-step guide to the equipment required to shoot some truly amazing


  • Find out more about the men behind the camera in some of the world’s most talked-about films.e-guide@cinematography_07

  • Learn what it takes to be a great cinematographer, and how to transform a director’s vision to visuals.

  • The ultimate guide for cinematography students and one that should be with them at all


  • You know about the superheroes, now find out about their nemeses.e-guide@Supervillans_book

  • Learn all about their superhuman and cosmic powers in this action-packed e-guide

  • From Admantium armour to concussive cosmic blasts, the entire evil arsenal is laid bare


  • Have you always wanted to make a film but just never had enough moolah? Worry not, this e-guide will help you along your impoverished way.e-guide@Shoot-movie-cheaply_07

  • Learn how to get people to work for free and use your noggin to come out with some innovative ways to save money.

  • We help you wrap your head around film marketing and super-efficient