Annapurna Studios

Inside Annapurna Studios

If you wanted to build the best film school and acting institute in India, where would you build it? We chose to build ours right in the middle of one of the largest film and television production studios in the country.

Why? Because if you want to offer courses about the ocean, you should serve them up in Goa, or Hawaii, not Delhi. If you want to offer filmmaking courses and acting courses in India, than isn’t it ideal to do so in the middle of a giant film and television factory like Annapurna Studios?

By being smack in the middle of an enormous studio, our students have unprecedented access to producing their own student films in world-class sound stages and controlled locations. And they have the chance to see professional films being shot on a daily basis.

More than this, our students get to see how all of media works – from production, to marketing, to distribution. For students taking mass communication courses or mass media courses, it’s an unprecedented opportunity to get a real world view of the media market.

And finally, our students get opportunities to intern on many of the productions at the studio – real world experience on real world films and TV shows. This experience can open up doors to a professional career when students complete their course-work.