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AISFM Transforms Graphic and Multimedia Art Training in India! Internationally, the study of graphic design has changed dramatically in recent years. Some significant changes in the global industry are the decline of hard-copy print, the challenges of web design across browser and mobile platforms and the growing process of outsourcing internationally, requiring designers that understand – and can design for – a range of cultures.

AISFM’s degree program addresses all these concerns and the result is our Master’s degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design.

In addition to our cutting-edge curriculum and experienced faculty, we are in the process of forging academic partnerships with top design schools around the world. Design is now a global enterprise – different parts of a single work are created in different countries – so it is essential that students have the opportunity to develop connections in other parts of the world. Our international projects and exchange programs give our students a significant boost for their future careers.



Admissions Eligibility

Degree in any stream, with minimum marks of 50%

Admissions process

Please register using the form on this page. We will contact you to provide you with the application details. Our admissions office will consider previous academic history, an application essay and the results of a personal interview rounds in selecting candidates for the course


Students can apply for this degree before receiving their final academic or exam results. Selected students will receive conditional enrolment, in which cases; admissions will be confirmed once the results are provided meeting the admission eligibility of AISFM.

Most of our courses accept fewer than 20 students, and some courses accept fewer than 10. We strongly recommend applying as early as possible to have a good shot at securing a seat.

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fees details

This fee structure is applicable for 2018-19 batch

Ancillary Costs

International Students

Due Date of Amt Payable Year Semester Installment Fee Security Deposit Insurance Cafeteria Total
At the time of joining 1st Year Semester I Installment - I 90,000 50,000 4,000 16,000 1,60,000
1st Year Semester I Installment - II 90,000 90,000
1st Year Semester II Installment - III 90,000 50,000 1,40,000
1st Year Semester II Installment - IV 90,000 90,000
2nd Year Semester III Installment - V 90,000 4,000 16,000 1,10,000
2nd Year Semester III Installment - VI 90,000 90,000
2nd Year Semester IV Installment - VII 90,000 90,000
2nd Year Semester IV Installment - VIII 85,000 85,000
7,15,000 1,00,000 8,000 32,000 8,55,000



Master’s degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design


Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture & Fine Arts University, Hyderabad

Degree Type

Full-time, government recognised.


Based on industry requirements, we have identified five major areas of study and four minor areas of study. The combination of these study areas results in our 2-year master’s degree.

Major Study Areas

Design Theory

These subjects explore historical and contemporary theories of art and design. Starting from art history and a review of traditional visual communication we move to recent human design thinking and explore the use of art as a political and social force in the contemporary world. Students also discover research skills for the design world.

Graphic Design and Art

These classes develop the creative skills that later, more advanced, subjects will depend upon. Students move through drawing, painting and other artistic fields to the core graphic design classes – beginner to advanced. Students also take typography and visual presentation classes.

Digital and Multimedia

Students’ artistic skills now blossom into the digital world. The more advanced digital media subjects explore innovation in everything from web design and game design to conceptual video art. Students cover 2D and 3D design and take classes in film production, including sound and editing.

We also explore the cutting-edge field of user interface design, particularly for digital media. How can you make a website more intuitive to use? Is there a better way to access the apps on an iPhone?

Projects and Internships

AISFM believes in learning by doing, and this is certainly evident in the major projects that students undertake. While some of these are individual efforts, others require coordination with students from other courses at AISFM, or even with other students from around the world as part of our international projects.

Students get hands-on experience creating real content, under real-world conditions. Is there any better way to prepare for the industry? Potential project areas can include graphic design, digital media, design research, photography, advertising, or even web, fashion or interior design.

Bachelor’s students also have the opportunity to undertake internships in a range of design and multimedia fields. Students are selected for internships on the basis of multiple criteria, including academic performance. Internships allow students to get their foot in the door and to start building their personal networks with real employers.

Internships are not guaranteed – you need to work hard to secure one!

Minor Areas of Study

Corporate Design Skills

These subjects focus on the ‘corporate’ application of your design and artistic toolkit. We explore advertising, display and packaging design and corporate brand creation and integration. We also cover personal career skills for freelance designers.


Design students may have the opportunity to enrol in photography classes. These subjects can cover both photography as a stand-alone art form, and the integration of photography into other spheres of design.

Interior Design

Taking interior design classes as part of a graphic design degree opens up two potential career paths for students: the design of real and imitation spaces. Real spaces are the domain of professional interior designers – creating beautiful homes, offices and public environments. Imitation spaces include film sets – how do you make a set look like a ‘lived-in’ house, without actually being a house? There are many opportunities for collaboration with other students on their film designs.

Fashion Design

These subjects offer an introduction to the history and development of fashion design, illustration skills for the fashion industry and hands-on construction of fashion. Beyond the world of commercial fashion design, these skills are applied daily by costume designers for film, TV and theatre. There can be many opportunities for collaboration on student films in this area.

Syllabus Credit Hours
Screenwriting I 3
Directing I 3
Music Appreciation 1.5
Visual Storytelling 3
Line Production 1.5
Technical Triad of Filmmaking: Cinematography 3
Technical Triad of Filmmaking: Editing 3
Technical Triad of Filmmaking: Sound Design 3
Semester 1 project –
Syllabus Credit Hours
Documentary Production 4.5
Production Management 1.5
Graphic Design I 4.5
Visual storytelling and infography 4.5
Transmedia Strategy & Production 4.5
Drawing – Foundations to Figures 4.5
Semester 2 project –
Syllabus Credit Hours
Contemporary Advertising Trends 3
Graphic Design II 4.5
Typography 3
Corporate Design & Integrated Branding 4.5
Digital Media 3
Print Production Workflow 4.5
Design Theory I – Context and Criticism 1.5
Semester 3 project –
Syllabus Credit Hours
User Interface and Experience Design 3
Senior Year Project 12
Internship Report 3
News & TV production
Who can study this course?
  • Just completed 10+2+3 / graduated from a bachelor’s degree OR currently enrolled in a different masters’s degree and wish to change
  • Strong communication skills
  • Passionate about design, art, media and communication
  • May already have particular interests in fashion, photography or interior design and wish to combine this study with graphic or commercial art
  • Looking for both theoretical and practical training in graphic and multimedia design
  • Interested in international opportunities – projects and possibly exchange experiences
  • Wants to learn ‘convergent media’ – using multiple online and offline tools to tell stories.
Master’s students are typically interested in a career in one of these fields:
  • Graphic Designer
  • Creative Artist for advertising
  • Graphic Novel / Comic Artist
  • User Experience / Interface Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Video Artist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Art Director for film/TV/ad films
Full Subject List
Subject Name Credit Hours
Philosophy 1 / Modern World History / Political Science 3
English Communication and Grammar 3
Basic Visual Literacy 3
Fundamentals of Screenwriting / Drawing 1 3
Fundamentals of Filmmaking 3
Photography 1 3
Psychology of Persuasion and Consumer Behaviour 3
History of Graphic and Visual Communication. 3
Documentary Production – Sophomore Project 6
Drawing – Foundations to Figures 3
Transmedia Strategy and Production 3
Typography 3
Graphic Design 1 3
Digital Media 1 3
News & TV Production – Junior Project 6
Art Direction 6
Graphic Design 2 3
Design Theory 1 – Context and Criticism 3
Corporate Design – Integrated Branding 3
Contemporary Advertising Trends 3
User Interface and Experience Design 3
Professional Practice 3
Packaging Design 3
Thesis 3
Senior Year Project 12
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Scholarships Scholarships are given on the basis of merit. For more details contact to our admissions department.

Security deposit Rs.1,00,000. Of this amount Rs. 50,000 is payable at the time of admission . The second instalment must be paid at the start of the second semester. The amount will be refunded after course completion, subject to any deductions.

Software costs. Each course has certain compulsory requirements for software purchase. These can be purchased through selected vendors at educational discounts.

Laptop. Each Student must own a laptop from the beginning of the first year. The required specifications will be provided to students upon them securing admission. Students can bring their own laptop or purchase one through our selected vendors at educational discounts. We strongly advise students not to purchase laptops until the specifications are provided, as a particular brand/configuration may be mandatory.

Camera. Each Student must own a DSLR camera. The required specifications will be given in the offer letter. Students can bring their own camera or purchase one through our selected vendors at educational discounts.

Insurance. All students are compulsorily enrolled in the student group medical and accident cover. The cost is approximately Rs.4000 per year and is charged annually.

Elective Course Charges. Some optional subjects carry additional course fees to cover the costs of specialised materials or technology. Students will be made aware of these charges at the time of selecting their optional subjects.

Due Date
of Amt Payable
Year Semester Installment Fee Security Deposit Insurance Cafeteria Total
At the time of joining 1st Year Semester I Installment - I 1,50,000 50,000 4,000 16,000 2,20,000
  1st Year Semester I Installment - II 1,50,000       1,50,000
  1st Year Semester II Installment - III 1,50,000 50,000     2,00,000
  1st Year Semester II Installment - IV 1,50,000       1,50,000
  2nd Year Semester III Installment - V 1,50,000   4,000 16,000 1,70,000
  2nd Year Semester III Installment - VI 1,50,000       1,50,000
  2nd Year Semester IV Installment - VII 1,50,000       1,50,000
  2nd Year Semester IV Installment - VIII 1,50,000       1,50,000
        12,00,000 1,00,000 8,000 32,000 13,40,000