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Top Film Schools in India – AISFM

Committed to your growth

We’re committed to giving students the best educational experience in the world. Inspired by the greatest of the world’s academic institutes, along with the aforementioned proven educational techniques, we have built an educational institute that is:

1. Absolutely committed to our student’s welfare and growth
2. Devoted to engaging and entertaining students in every class, because an engaged and entertained mind (research shows) absorbs and retains infor- mation better and longer.

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Our Bachelor’s Program

The Annapurna International School of Film and Media is a first of its kind in India. It combines a rigorous and internationally recognized degree/Master’s program with intense training in specific areas of media — producing, directing, animation, editing, cinematography and acting for now; graphic design, news, sound recording, writing, and many other areas later.

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Our master’s Program

Undertaking a master’s or MMBA degree gives you two years to explore, to learn and to create. Of course, the practical skills that you develop will allow you to jump straight into the industry. But far more important than these practical skills is the creative, theoretical and academic mastery over your subject, that you can only achieve with a real master’s degree rather than a certificate or diploma course.

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Our short courses

Many of our short courses are run at night and on weekends, so working professionals can take them without disrupting their normal work schedules. But whether offered in the day, at night, or on weekends, they are all intense, professional, hands-on courses that use — like our degree program — the latest educational techniques to create engaging classes that stick with our students.

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Discover your campus

If you wanted to build the best film school and acting institute in India, where would you build it?

We chose to build ours right in the middle of one of the largest film and television production studios in the country.

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