Various clubs operating in the campus ensure learning, networking, entertainment and much more.

Each of the active clubs on campus are managed by students under the guidance of Anchor faculty.

Rangmanch is otherwise known as the theatre club of AISFM. The club is not just a place for enhance your acting skills but several elements that come with it, i.e. the stage aesthetics, leadership, teamwork, backstage production and a lot more. If you grew up admiring legendary actors that are purely timeless, no matter the industry and you want to share the stage with people with similar aspirations, then this is the place for you! Join Rangmanch today.

Are you good in organizing an event? Are you a good planner? We are the backbone of all events in AISFM. From planning it out, to setting the budget, to making sure it’s organized and enjoyable. That’s us! We connect all the clubs to make an event a success and are the hidden gems behind the show.

If you are an adventure junkie and if you are passionate about trekking, hiking & camping, join the Nature Club today.

  • AISFM Nature Club
  • AISFM Nature Club
  • AISFM Nature Club
  • AISFM Nature Club

Nature Club aims to encourage students to explore nature through trekking, Hiking and camping activities, which are planned during the year.

Directors’ club is a platform for any upcoming student Director. The club would serve as a set of starting points for people who are curious about films. This club is about all the aspects of filmmaking, The practicality of teamwork, working with new people and developing contacts. The club will have a deep focus on Storytelling, Cinematography, Music, Sound, Production Design, Editing, Film distribution, Adaptation of Literature and most importantly executing a film which includes the whole journey from the Development stage to a final polished product.

There are plans of having regular pitching sessions. Any Club member is free to pitch in their stories and ideas. A mutual decision will determine what is carried forward. The club will help that idea sail from paper to screen. The Director is the captain of the ship and governing body of what’s seen and heard, the writer gets the first preference of being the Director of their short.

We aim to collaborate with different clubs, like ‘Rangmanch’, Literary club, Writer’s hangout, Film Club, Photography Club, Dance Club, etcetera. The club will strive to provide manpower and technical help as well. Directors’ club aims to produce student director’s short films with people who are more on the practical side.

We plan to screen short films and exclusive feature films; the driving motive is to learn the craft and different techniques of storytelling, which complements the narrative. The feature films include movies from award-winning directors like, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Guru Dutt, Rajkumar Hirani, Steven Spielberg etcetera, which could possibly light a spark to fuel one’s dreams.

We are also focusing on non-fictional content, most of which include Documentaries, which, to everyone’s surprise, would be interesting and fun.

Because we believe that you cannot read the best filmmaking book and understand it. You need to DO IT. You need to learn to walk before you run. Our goal is to start walking together.

We at the photography club aim to create an atmosphere where fun and imaging are mixed together in order to produce something that people call Art.

  • AISFM Student Photography Club
  • AISFM Student Photography Club
  • AISFM Student Photography Club

We have exhibitions, photowalks, and interactive sessions where we all together be the critique and help each other to enhance and improve our photography skills.

There is a lot from the photography club coming up this semester, Join today.

Writer’s Hangout

Writer’s Hangout is an exclusive club for the ‘screenwriters’ of our college. It serves as a place where students can discuss and learn writing for the screen and the intricacies of it from various films, scripts and books.

They pitch their ideas/stories here, get feedback, and develop them further. It is mandatory for each student to work on a script and finish it by the end of the semester, in order to be a part of the club.

As students are not yet familiar with the screenplay format, they can choose to work as an associate to a senior member in the group while simultaneously working on, and developing ideas for screenwriting in class.

Tired of sitting in classes and daydreaming?

You get to class on time but still miss attendance?

Tired of sitting outside and throwing rocks at random things?

Thoughts of running around the ground in school days is haunting you like a ghost?

Let’s unite and put our bodies to work. We bring to you a wide variety of sports to let you blow off steam after college. And we promise! you won’t regret it when you go back home and sleep like a baby.

We need team work everywhere, Without a regiment of soldiers, no war can be won! And even in film-making, everything depends on team work!


Inviting all student who wish to be part of the sports club. Join the Sports Club.

Our sessions are going to be stress busters for you guys which also includes dance battles and learning different dance styles. The club will always be open to any kind of creative ideas and styles and everyone will be given a chance to showcase and teach their own piece. It really doesn’t matter if you are a non-dancer because Dance Club is open for anyone who wants to groove or those who are willing to learn. We all are going to learn this together.

One place to sit and watch all your wish list. We being in film and Media College have one thing to really enjoy for. Every week we screen movies on different languages, different genres, different cultures. Join today to watch innumerable movies with your friends.