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Why? Because a degree, Master’s or MBA offers the chance to go beyond the ‘technical’ skills taught in short courses, and provides the student with a fundamental grounding in varying aspects of culture and society, including psychology, philosophy, literature, math and economics.

Lessons in all these areas enrich the student’s life, both professionally and personally, and help the student fulfill their potential no matter what track in media their life takes them on.

Bachelor in Film Making

This bachelor’s degree combines a rigorous liberal arts education with mass comm/mass media classes and a specialization in one aspect of filmmaking, such as editing, cinematography and sound design. Students are also offered electives in a range of filmmaking subjects in order to broaden their training.

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Bachelor in Animation + VFX

Receive world-class training in all aspects of animation and visual effects, from drawing and painting, to high-end software and the latest digital workflow management techniques. Students are prepared to enter top animation and VFX studios, while receiving an accredited degree that allows further education

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Bachelor in Photography + Digital

Specialization of Photography is a combination of art, craft, science and technology. Students are exposed to classical art, its principles and how they translate into photography. They go through the filmmaking process and liberal arts subjects to broaden their understanding..

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Bachelor in Graphic +
Multimedia Design

The AISFM School of Graphic and Multimedia Design provides groundbreaking programs that bridge the worlds of traditional art and technology. Our bachelor’s degree allows students to explore a wide range of creative fields while building hands-on skill sets for the world of digital media.

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