Course Spotlight – Master’s in Filmmaking

 Do any of these options describe YOU?

  1. You graduated from a bachelor’s degree in media and now want to keep studying in the same field.
  2. You graduated from a non-media degree, which you didn’t really enjoy, and now want to follow your real interests.
  3. You graduated a few years back and have been working. Now, you are in a position to make a change in your career.
  4.  You have been working as an assistant director or in production, but feel that you haven’t had the opportunities to explore your own storytelling.

If your answer to any of these is ‘yes!’, then you should take a good look at our brand-new master’s program. It could be exactly what you are looking for!


India’s first Master’s in filmmaking

For decades the Indian film industry has tried to move its education standards away from certificates and diplomas. Why? Because the rest of the world (and most other industry sectors in India) view a master’s degree as the gold standard of post-graduate education.

After working tirelessly with the state government, and with representatives of many central and state universities for the last 18 months, AISFM is very happy to announce that the school is now able to offer India’s very first masters programs in Film + Media.


Real, full-time degrees!

Importantly, these are not distance or correspondence courses. These are real, full-time, government recognized degrees, provided by Jawaharlal Nehru AFA University. JNAFAU is one of India’s top fine arts universities, so this is a perfect match for our degree programs!


Choose your specialisation

So what will you learn?

I’ll keep it brief as the full curriculum is up on the website here

The first semester is common for all students and takes you through each aspect of filmmaking. Next you choose a specialization from Directing, Screenwriting, Producing, Cinematography or Sound and Editing. The specialized training runs for three semesters, working on films, TV, ads and documentaries. After graduating, you enter our placement cell and our alumni network, to get started with your first position in the industry.


Ready to join or want to know more?

Admissions are already running and the August 2012 intake is filling quickly. If you want to know more (or want the application forms), just call 040 4914 1234 during business hours or email with your questions.

More detail on the course is available:

Feel free to comment below if you want to know more!


  1. I ws really interested in it…bt I hv a doubt…in the 2,3,4…semisters wat we R actually must do….i mean is it asst. Direction or any apprentice under any director…..plz reply

  2. i am ravindar my hoby is story wrighting and takeing stills

  3. please mail me more details….

  4. Arif Mondal says:

    Please mail me information about master’s in filmmaking. Admission time, Course duration, Course fee, hostel charges etc.

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