Film School Student Feedback: Aviral Mathur – BFA (Film + Media)

My Journey to AISFM – India’s Best Film School!

After clearing my twelfth board examination successfully my family and I started thinking over my college. From the very beginning, I dreamt of going to a place where I could get a chance to enhance my passion of music as a profession.

At the time of applying for various colleges, I got to know about a film institute which was introducing a film and media degree course for the first time in India for students who have completed their schooling, I then got super excited about this course because making films and going into the technical field of media had always been my passion. I always had an inclination towards music designing.

The film school that I came to know about is Annapurna International School of Film and Media, Hyderabad, also known as AISFM.

I then quickly applied for this course because I wanted to follow my dreams.

For getting admitted in this course a student has to clear two rounds. The first round is through statement of purpose (SOP) and the second being the interviews. I wrote my statement of purpose from my heart and at the same point remembering that I wanted to go to that institute so that I can make a difference one day.

So after some days of wait, finally I got a call from AISFM saying “Congratulations your SOP has been selected and you are through to the second round, which is interview”. Now, for that I had to go down to Hyderabad. This wasn’t easy for me so I prepared myself well so that I could clear the Interviews and get an offer.

Finally, the day arrived and my interviews went very well though I was a bit nervous. In a few days I got a call from AISFM saying that I was selected for the course, that was the moment of joy for me, I was so happy that I started dreaming all day and all night just about this course.

The Dream turns into Reality

So now finally I am here at AISFM in Hyderabad!

I would also like to bring to light our student orientation that was organised for us by the institute. According to me it was a great orientation programme and experience for me. My parents are really happy that the college follows a strict guideline and disciplined lifestyle for their students.

The first day of orientation was an interactive session, which was featured AISFM president Mr. Nagarjuna and was moderated by AISFM CEO Kurt Inderbitzin. It was a very interesting session as they shared their experiences with us.

After that we were taken to our respective classrooms and where given information regarding do’s and don’ts in the college. Then we were given some activities and tasks, which were very interactive.

Then it was time for lunch at the Rich House, which is a set that was made for a movie and is now the AISFM cafeteria!

In the evening we had a treasure hunt, which I am sure everyone will remember throughout his or her AISFM journey. It was just like the Amazing Race TV show. We were divided into five groups and were given different clues that send us to different locations and people around the huge campus. This was truly a team exercise, which helped me making new friends.

On the second day we were given very important information by the CEO Kurt Inderbitzin and AISFM institute advisor Nishi Levitt. It was a pleasure to learn things from them. AISFM IT department team than gave us information regarding our college facilities and how to use them.

In evening went for a city tour, which we all enjoyed a lot. We went to different places like malls, relaxing points for filmmakers and many more.

I am so happy with the faculty as they are very friendly and they really take interest in what the students do. I believe that here at AISFM I will be able to turn my aspirations into reality. So with this I look forward to a wonderful and a happy journey at AISFM.




  1. Shahzada says:

    Hi! M Shahzada sharif hasan from Dhaka,Bangladesh. I just finished my 12th board exam(H.S.C).
    I want to be a actor like sharukh khan. So I have decided that I will come India for getting higher education in Film & Media Studies. So what can I do right now?????
    M very afraid about that. Plzzzzzz advice me that what can I do……:( 🙁 :(. .

  2. pratik parmar says:

    what r the chances of the jobs after this course? @aviral what about the accomodations?

  3. Yogesh gehlot says:

    Hi aviral, I am Yogesh, i am applying for course this year,so can you tell me about your experience in personal interview.What type of questions were asked ,how did you prepare for it.?

  4. Hi AISFM,

    I simply cant say in words, how happy I shall be if I could hear a positive response from AISFM.
    Ever since I came through your website, I do browse 3-4 times plus a day just to check any news, any updates from AISFM. Even I dont mind reading the same pages again and agin and again the same next day. Going thorough almost through every pages, I usually stop in BFA (Film+Media), read it repeatedly- syllabus and specialization and just think one day to be a creative filmmaker, which is what I have always dreamt of. My core interest has always been cinematography and then leap forward for direction after I acquire enough art and craft of cinematography. May be later, pursue MFA specializing in direction. In my opinion, I hope cinematography is the most important aspect of whole filmmaking process which determines and responsible for the quality of the movie both technically and artistically.

    And finally, to my question I’m from Nepal, a neighbouring state to India having open borders both sides and sharing common culture since time immemorial it has always been beneficial for students like me seeking to pursue higher education in the field which either doesnt exist in his nation or if do its very primitive that it cannot give you your desired goal. As I have come across many colleges/uni in India enrolling the students from Nepal as like they enroll their national students. It would be much appreciated if it is made clear about the international enrollment and even if there are separate policies for students from neighbouring nations like mine. I hope, AISFM is meant for Artist. An artist has no gender, no colour and no nation, wherever he/she goes whatever does he/she does, it contributes the world.

  5. Hiee I’m completed my in 2012… im interested in film direction…..plz plz plz….am I eligible?….can u give me details?

  6. Hi I’m karthik I’m engineering 2nd year…..i wanna be an actor which course helps to mi and is there any interviews which they definitely conduct on our admission session and is there any short term course for this.

  7. i mean both mba and acting course together. Pls help

    • You can’t do these together – they are both full-time courses and they are running at the same time. If you are interested in joining the next intake, the admissions are currently open.

  8. I am doing my bcom final year in alain (uae),. I am from Kerala. I want to know about mba in film and media course and i m really interested in isfm. I also want to know about the hostels in isfm.
    Is it possible to take mba an 6 months acting course?
    Thank u

  9. hi am milind i wanna be a movie director i just passed my 12th class with scince stream i am really confused what to do ??

    • Hi Milind. If you have just finished you 12th class, you should look at joining our BFA course. You can do your graduation in film direction! Call us on 040 4914 1234 for details.

  10. B.B. Mathur says:

    Blog posted by Aviral Mathur is really inspiring & well wrtten . It reveals what was going on in the mind of this music lover , eager to know the intricacies of SOUND , after passing class XII & in search of future . The Blog also depicts the confidence Aviral has in AISFM & in Himself .
    GOD Bless him in achieving the Target .

  11. Hemant Modh Visualizer & Scriptwriter says:

    Hi, Dear Aviral Mathr, very happy to see ur image in the same. May i know, how u relate the

    the Words : Visualization and Pre Production with ur field.With best Wishes Hemant Modh, Indore, M.P.

    • aviral mathur says:

      Hi sir , very glad to see your comment.

      Yes sir visualization in my field is used a lot, though i have just started with the course.
      According to me visualizing is a part of the pre production process and both of them are very much interrelated to each other. Pre-production is a process which starts before the making of the film and carries out processes like story boarding……..

      Visualization means portraying ideas and stories through visuals. i.e. still images or moving….

      Hope i have cleared your doubt.


  1. Film School Student Feedback: Aviral Mathur – BFA…

    My Journey to AISFM – India’s Best Film School!After clearing my twelfth board examination successfully my family and I started thinking over my college….

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