Our Most Requested Film Direction Course is Back. Admissions Now Open!

We constantly get requests for this one – our Intro to Direction for Film + TV program. The first three intakes were very successful; our students had a blast and many of them scored internships on film, TV and documentary productions.

Admissions are already open for the fourth intake and fifth intakes for the course. If you are interested, get in touch quickly – these intakes have very limited seats!

  • The fourth intake starts 24th September 2012 (many seats already gone)
  • The fifth intake starts November 2012 (we will start releasing offer letters by the end of September)

What is so special about this course?

Here is how we describe the course to people that we share elevators with:

“In 10 weeks of intensive study and practical exercises, we will teach you the essential skills you need to be a great assistant director for films, TV, documentaries and ad films. Additionally, we will introduce you to direction theory and develop your ability to critically appreciate the best cinema from around the world.”

We have also made a crucial change to this course from the previous intakes. We are changing the class time from 10am-5pm to a new time: 1pm-7pm, Monday to Friday.

If you are already enrolled in another course of study, this means you can attend your other classes in the morning, and complete your film direction classes in the afternoon. Similarly if you are running your own business or working part-time, we help you to fulfill your dreams while balancing your other commitments.

If you are not studying or working elsewhere, you can now spend the morning session working on your projects, watching films, and reading your way through our book library.

Is 10 Weeks Enough?

Here is the number one FAQ we hear: “It’s a 10 week course, can you really learn enough in just 10 weeks?”

Well, the answer depends on what you want to learn.

If you really want to immerse yourself in filmmaking, study to advanced levels and make lots of projects. Then, no, you can’t learn that much. You should be looking at our master’s or bachelor’s degrees.

Ok, so who is this course for?

Most students in this course fit into one of these two categories:

  1. You are interested in film and media, love watching films, have possibly tried writing a few stories, and have maybe even shot a short film or two. You are still not sure whether this is the right career for you and whether you want to commit to 2-4 years of study. This course gives you a chance to ‘dip your toe in the water’. If you successfully complete the 10-week course and love every minute of it, then you can look at a degree program next (and we might be able to give you advanced credit in some subjects or a scholarship!)
  2.  Due to personal constraints (time, financial, familial) it is not possible to enroll in a degree course, but you don’t want to give up on your dream of working in the media industry. This course will give you the basic skill set of an assistant director, so that you can start working after the course. This allows you to jump into the industry quickly and think about the rest of the learning later.

I want to know more!

That great, and we are here to help. You can visit the course page on our website here. You can email us at info@aisfm.edu.in or you can call us at 040 4914 1234.

You can also visit the campus and meet with the admissions team. We’d love to show you around the studio so you can get a feel for the campus environment.

What do students say about AISFM?

“At AISFM, students enjoy the benefit of “learning by doing”. I didn’t find this in any other film school” – Dheeraj

“I was really impressed with the course content,  campus and production facilities and of course the very vision of the Akkineni family behind opening the film school” – Gaurav

What does the industry say?

“AISFM is providing a platform for aspiring film makers and there is no better place to learn filmmaking than a film school of international standards in a world class film studio”. Sreenu Vytla, film director


“AISFM is need of the hour. I wish students would make best use of this world class establishment to fulfill their dream of making it big in this creative field” – Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi, film director


“Visiting AISFM is one of the most lively experiences I have ever had. The school is extremely well organized, pitching upto international standards, with enthusiastic students. I hope the school grows boundless as a great academy in motion picture arts”. –  Dev Kata, director




  1. L. Shirish Goud says:

    what will her Eligible this Course……

  2. isha dhanani says:

    I m interested in this course so please come back to me with the details
    Of the course the duration, and the course fee…

  3. Vikash Jha says:

    Dear Sir/Madame
    What is the Course Fee and process of Addmission.

  4. CIJO GEORGE says:

    can i join for the course this year

  5. Is there any education loan facilities there?

  6. Deepak Mehta says:

    I am working but i want to join direction course so could you please tell about fee structure and course duration classes timing etc.

  7. I want do all the 3 courses(10 weeks,bachelor,master degrees)in direction….what r the types.,course fee,and additional details…and is it necessary the 10 week course must do

  8. Hope to fulfill my dream very soon.. with AISFM.

  9. Dear Ma’am/sir

    am from Bangalore i planned to Do a part time film making course so please give me some contact mob number and my num is 8904116416

  10. isha dhanani says:

    i m interested in the direction course when does it starts and at present i m studying in pune 1st year bba n what is the course duration and the fee

  11. hi, i have done b.a. in tourism studies with 58% marks from ignou and my age is 31 yrs and i wanna to do mba in film and media from your institute .am i eligible for this course .if yes, then please reply me with details of this course like duration,fee, campus address, contact number……………………..

  12. how much bis the fee and duration details plz reply

  13. Hi, whats the age limit for this course?

  14. I’m a graduate holder and job holder too, but I’m enthusiastic in film making.
    The 10 month course for film making that have mentioned is so encouraging but lack of finance makes me weak.
    Could you please inform the fee structure of this course and any provision of scholarship or stipend?


    • Hi. We no longer offer the 10 month course, it has been replaced with our Master’s programs. We also offer a 10 week intro to Assistant Direction course.

  15. when does next intake starts..??
    I’m waiting so much..
    is 12th standard completed student can get in to it..
    I want to know will u select him..??

    pls reply

    • Next intake will start in December, although for students from 12th standard, we usually recommend the BFA degree – you can graduate and study film at the same time!

  16. Mahesh Devagiri says:

    Do you provide any assistance in getting internships or placements for the students taking this course? If so did any one got placed in the past? I am asking about this particular course only.

  17. hi im a b.tech graduate working currently, want to know the course details, fees, duration etc.

  18. Dileep Paul says:

    I would like to do this course. Please reply with the details like Fee, Financial Assistance …
    Thank you

  19. hi i have written to your mail id mentioned in the website .i want the details of the course like fees and course contents etc .i didnt get any reply from you people can any one please reply to me .i m very much intrested in the course.. Thanks in advance

  20. G SS Harshavardhan says:

    I am intrested to pursue this course. Please get back to me with the full details Course duration, fee ,Financial Assistance

  21. hi ‘
    i would like to know, what is the education qualification required for this course.

  22. How much is the course fee??

  23. Hi,
    I have been trying to join as an asst director but it was a very hard task , so i would like to join this and learn and perceive my dream, so please kindly let me know more details about it.

    • HI, we have heard similar comments from other applicants. They have tried to approach filmmakers directly for AD positions, but have been told to first get some training at a school.

      Realistically, the workflows have become more technology based to the point that an untrained AD will find it hard to be useful on set.

      The course we are offering is designed specifically to training to you be a great AD so that directors like to work with you!

      The next intake starts on 8th October. Apply quickly if you are interested.

  24. Divakar Konakalla says:

    I am intrested to pursue this course. Please give me d full details(Course duration and fee etc……….)

  25. how much bis the fee & duration

  26. i would like to know more about the course , fees, financial suppport etc…

  27. Nagaraj Kumar says:

    I am intrested to pursue this course. Please get back to me with the full details(Course duration + fee + Financial Assistance etc).


  1. Our Most Requested Film Direction Course is Back. Admissions Now Open!…

    We constantly get requests for this one – our Intro to Direction for Film + TV program. The first three intakes were very successful; our students had a blast and many of them scored internships on ……

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