Weekend Filmmaking and Scriptwriting Courses Start Soon!

weekend filmmaking courses
Our weekend Fundamentals courses are unique in India, and cater to two types of students:

  • Those who are already working professionally and cannot attend classes on weekdays, but are passionate about cinema and wish to develop some technical skills.
  • Those who are tempted by a career in film and media but first wish to experiment with a short course.

This coming Saturday – March 23rd – we are launching new intakes for two of our courses: Fundamentals of Filmmaking and Fundamentals of Scriptwriting. For more details, or for application forms, please call 040-4914 1234 or email info@aisfm.edu.in.

Fundamentals of Filmmaking:

Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday for 6 weeks. This course teaches you how to make your own short films, from script to screen. Working in teams, you will write, pre-produce, shoot, edit and sound mix a short film. The aim of the course is to give you the skills to continue making short films after the course concludes.

Course fee: Rs.30,000 + tax

Click here for more information.

Fundamentals of Scriptwriting:

Classes are held on Saturday afternoons for 10 weeks. This course takes students through the stages of developing a more advanced script. Students learn formatting, character and plot development, structure and pacing. Each week, the students are assigned writing exercises to develop their skills.

Course fee: Rs.15,000 + tax

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These courses are a unique way to develop your skills, have fun, and meet other cinema-obsessors πŸ™‚

Please email us (info@aisfm.edu.in), call us (040 4914 1234), or stop by the admissions office for more information.

Hope to see some of you in class this weekend!


  1. sureshbabu.k says:

    I am interest to film making course at weekend class , when u start admissions & fees details

  2. mukesh gwalani says:

    Hello i am interested in Film making and Script writing Courses please email me the form and what is the amount i have to pay email me back

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