5 steps to becoming a great actor

If you think having a successful career as an actor is easy, then you’ve got it all wrong. But if you follow these simples steps it could help you on your way.


Have a Goal!

Sure you need to get your portfolio done and network a lot, but it is your eventual goal that will drive you through the hard times that every actor goes through. Understand what sort of actor you want to be and how you’d like to be remembered. Legacy can be a powerful motivator. acting_ad  image-acting-tips-AISFM

Understand the real picture

All actors would like to win an Oscar and it is indeed an admirable ambition. But allowing your Oscar dreams to govern your choices when you’re starting out can be detrimental. Look at your position realistically and you will be better able to handle rejection and eventual success. Acting 3-1

Learn humility

You may think you’re the best actor that ever walked the face of the Earth. Well here’s a News Flash, you aren’t. Learn to take criticism with grace, it will only help you grow as a thespian. Learn to listen when those with more industry experience (and more talent!) are giving you advice; they’ve spent years finding solutions to the problems you’re facing. Above all, accept when you’re wrong or out of your depth.

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Take risks

If your gut’s telling you a role is perfect for you, but your brain is warning you against it, take the risk and go with your gut. Yes you could make the wrong choice, but you’ll learn a lot from your mistake. If it succeeds, however, you would have experienced a personal triumph.

Acting 5-1

Live a little

Acting is all about life and its living. Go out into the world and meet different people from all walks of life, even those who you may have nothing in common with. Understanding people and the reasons why they do things is instrumental in building the characters you will play through your career.

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