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Top Animation tips from AISFM's faculty — Blog

Doodle your way into the Animation Industry

After seeing the large number of applicants to AISFM’s Bachelor’s in Animation + VFX course, we had a quick chat with Vivek Pandey, Faculty for Animation, about what the course entails and what skills a student needs to possess to excel in it.

What are your expectations from aspiring animators applying for the course?

Firstly, it is extremely important for the student to know how to draw. It is essential for an aspirant to have a sense of proportion and a sense of aesthetics.

Secondly, I believe that it is important for the candidate to understand the difference between a hobby and a passion. Many of them assume a hobby is a passion, resulting in the wrong choice of careers!

Thirdly, it is vital for the student to have at least basic knowledge about the animation industry whether in theory/practical/generic information that will help the applicant understand the concept, the design and characterization.

Fourthly and lastly, the student must show keen interest in exploring drawings and watching animated movies.

Can you elaborate on what the course at AISFM entails?

The course offered by us at AISFM covers all the different aspects of animation like drawing, in-depth perspective study, shapes and construction, etc.

When you teach students how to study perspectives in depth, it helps them craft an illusion because that’s what animation is all about. When you help them understand shapes and construction you help them understand the creation of characters, as almost every cartoon is built with shapes.

The course at AISFM helps students evaluate the nuts and bolts of animation like background settings and character sketches created by the animator.

After a course in Animation, what are the different job prospects?

There are many, actually. From being a light artist to being a VFX artist, one can choose any career path after an Animation course. However, below is a list of verticals that can be explored in the TV/Gaming/Film industry

  1. Modelers
  2. Animators
  3. Lighting Artists
  4. Texturing Artists
  5. Story – boarding artists
  6. VFX artists

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