Indian sitcoms that will have you in splits

While most of us are glued to American sitcoms, there are some homegrown series that are just as good, writes Suchetana Bauri. Sitcoms

Inspite of our blazing love for American sitcoms, Indian television has produced some world-class sitcoms – from Jaban sambhal ke and Dekh bhai dekh through to Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and Khichdi.

Don’t you just love Abed Nadir! Isn’t Raj Koothrappali absolutely adorable? Barney’s re-bounces are purely hilarious, isn’t it? It seems we just can’t get enough of American sitcoms. Why is it so?

Indian television viewers sometimes remind me of our national football team that dare not participate in the World Cup because they already knew they were the worst. If there were ever a World Cup-style event for sitcoms on the cards, I’d bet a good number of Indian telly-watchers would doubtless think the same thing.

We are presently living in an age of quick, clever and exciting situation comedy– but a vast majority of our sitcoms are coming from the US. Just the same way as they’re better at gas-guzzling cars and fast food, it appears that Americans are also better at sitcoms.

For those you, whose viewing is largely confined to Friends, Cheers, Roseanne, Frasier, Modern Family, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother and Nurse Jackie, here is list of the greatest Indian sitcoms from the primetime through to the obscure ones that you must try to track down if you get a chance. Enjoy

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is very animated but it is not a cartoon. Over the top definitely so, but it is filled with real actors playing surreal people, all of whom have frighteningly identifiable traits and tics. Together they are the Sarabhais, the latest and at this moment greatest of TV’s dysfunctional families. Dysfunctionalism has rarely been as ingratiating or, certainly, as hilarious.

Hands down one of the funniest TV shows ever. Just watch it!


The plot of Khichdi revolves around the members of the Gujarati family called Parekhs, who lead extravagant lifestyles. At the center of the show is Tulsidas Parekh, the patriarch, who strives to do the right thing and keep his family together, despite their materialism, selfishness, and manipulative natures.

There are a couple of decent twists to the story (explaining how Babuji is trying to keep the morons together) and enough well scripted moments to keep you rooted for everyone involved.

Good, entertaining fun, definitely worth a watch!


FIR is one location comedy about one uptight lady police officer Chandramukhi Chautala and her stupid sidekicks – head constable Gopinath Gandothra and constable Billu.

There are many reasons to be prejudiced against this. It’s stereotyping of Haryanvis and jaats. And yet, and yet, and yet! Despite all of these, the sitcom actually isn’t bad, and in its outrageous moments of silliness; I have to say I found myself giggling regularly.

It’s a hoax that will reveal the sham that Indian police investigation has become.

Dekh bhai dekh

It’s an off-beat, quirky and very Indian comedy.

Dekh Bhai Dekh is so full of mischief that you will like it. This was without doubt the most entertaining family show on TV. Why? Because it not the same boring that you normally see in family show – that at the end they will forgive and forget each family member for the wrong they have done.

It was Jaya Bachchan’s production, which cleverly blended comedy with family, making it a perfect primetime show.

Office Office

Office Office is one of the most heart-stoppingly good situation comedies. It’s a touching, sweet, funny, messy captures the heart of the facade that’s Indian bureaucracy and officialdom.

Each episode had resolved storylines, and ended on a bitterly, darkly funny note of redemption and hope.

Let us know – how you liked our post along with your favorite comedy shows from both sides of the Atlantic as well as from India.


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