‘It was one hell of a journey’: Aravind Sashank feels the HEAT at AISFM

Aravind Sashank joined AISFM’s summer camp with a dream in his heart, today he is closer to realising that dream. This is his journey, in his own words.


For all of us, film is our world. We live in it more than our present reality and it was really fascinating to see how the other side of the world works. What we learnt at AISFM’s summer filmmaking workshop, is to bridge both worlds. There were rules taught to us, and the best part was when we understood how to break them. In this field, if you want to break the rules, then learn them first. And so we did.

It’s a simple idea in your head. All of us have it, and keep discovering new ones day-in and day-out. To give that idea a shape i.e. a script and showcase it to the whole world using a camera is everyone’s dream.

So it was a moment when I saw my film on the big screen that I realized how much I’ve grown in terms of film maturity. Everyone present in the batch, be it the faculty or my classmates really came through in the past two weeks.

It wasn’t like any other course where people feel like it is mandatory to study. Rather, it was out of passion that each one of us took up the course. So it wasn’t a classroom environment, rather a bank of knowledge, a club of creativity, a pool of ideas. And all of us were so versatile in terms of our ideas and stories, which I later realized is due to the varied age groups.

We all started off with the basics. But then we went deep, like real deep, and everything was clear when the class ended. There wasn’t really any scope for confusion or misconception to prevail.

It was simple, easy and way more interesting than anything I have learnt as part of a classroom. There were six categories in filmmaking, and we were briefed about each of them in the best way possible. The first week was actually taken slow and steady but it started getting intense once we had to start work on our projects. We were told it’s not an easy task in the real world, but we took our projects on as a challenge. Nothing was difficult, it was all a pure challenge and all of us learned to face it in our own unique ways.

It is pretty cool when you discuss film as a subject. Applying what we understood in class, using a camera as a medium to deliver a complete story, was really exciting. A great way to tell a story, when we learn the rules to tell it, when we learn a way to organize it and when we learn a way to execute it accordingly.

The three Ps: Plan, Prepare and Present, one of the many tricks we were taught when it comes to telling a story.

At the end of the day, it was one hell of a journey. None of us wanted it to end, and all of us knew that at the end of the course it’s not really an end, but a new beginning.



  1. Hello Shashank,

    I could feel the happiness and satisfaction in your tone. There are many people out here who are thinking to take that one step(Which includes me 🙂 as well). I am really happy that you are following your dream and wish you best of luck.

    I hope one day I follow my deams!!


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