Scared of death? You won’t be after reading this

Knowing how to die gracefully is completely overrated. Ritika Saxena explores the oft-overlooked art of dying without any shred of dignity at all.

Death 1

Drama is an integral part of our movies. Melodrama and some beautiful over-the-top acting, too. But, there is usually nothing to beat death scenes in movies. One of the most dramatic sequences in films is the death of a character — the more important the character the better.

So, we compiled a list of five such amazing death scenes from the movies that we didn’t want anyone to miss. Like they say, “Isse nahin dekha toh kya dekha?”

Kamaal Rashid Khan’s death scene in Deshdrohi

I don’t know what I should be saying! KRK, the biggest of the Khan’s, will obviously not be easy prey. It really takes a scary looking villain to kill him. Have a look! Also, can any of you tell me why this ‘Kaalia = Death’ person (Bhojpuri actor, Manoj Tiwari), keeps twitching his nose each time he fires a bullet from the gun?

Rekha’s stab-filled mujra in Deedar-e-Yaar

This is by far, the most tasteful death sequence ever shot! How often do you get to see a mujra performer stabbing oneself and continuing to dance even after that? And obviously the onlookers love the act of her stabbing herself because they are just spellbound! Oh not to forget, how does Rekha not miss a beat even after pulling out the knife she stabbed herself with!

Rekha in Khoon Bhari Maang

Rekha has done quite a few EPIC death scenes. But, here is a pseudo death scene, where the mother runs out of the house, the kids run into the middle of the road and of course, the pet horse runs out of the stable. How can we ever forget the horse? Wasn’t it the most important part of her bogus death sequence? On an unrelated note, why is she excited on seeing a crocodile charging towards her?

Bülent Kayabaş in Karate Girl

I’m sure many of you haven’t seen this, but it just had to appear on our list! This is an excerpt from the Turkish movie, Karate Girl. Any idea what Turkish people eat? The actor in this video refuses to die. He gets shot at least five times and he keeps screaming. So the video, which lasts for about one minute, is only him trying desperately hard to die. Takes an effort to be able to act the way he did!

Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

This is the epitome of a “hard-hitting” performance. I am not sure if what is shown is even possible. But maybe it is! I am not going to say too much, you really SHOULD have a look at this!


So, this one is a bonus. A bogus bonus. Gunda, a Mithun Chakravarthy-starrer is featured on this list just so that you know about the movie! This is a film, which is so bad that it is great. Mukesh Rishi (the villain named “Bulla”), just says exactly what he is supposed to after killing someone on an airport runway!

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