The top 5 TV series to look out for

Summer’s almost done and the fall TV line-up is looking better and better. AISFM recommends the 5 upcoming TV series you just can’t miss.


Just in case you were still jonesing for your Dark Knight fix, then you’re in luck. Fox’s Gotham should give all you need and more.

The series focuses on a young detective named James Gordon (aha the plot thickens) as he hunts for the killers of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Needless to say there’s a sprog involved and his name is Bruce.

This is essentially a coming-of-age tale where Gordon and Bruce cement what will eventually become one of DC Comics’ most high-profile partnerships.

The teasers are suitably dark so Christopher Nolan fans will be licking their chops in delight. Plus it’s written by Bruno Heller (The Mentalist) so that’s looking good too.

When: September 22


Sticking with dark troubled souls, there’s no one more harassed by demons than John Constantine. Chased by the devil this magician possesses a personality that makes Gregory House look like an angel. Constantine is a hard-drinking sociopath with an apathetic streak the size of China. But you’ve got to love him.

This series will see him, as usual, defending humanity from demonic hordes and being pretty pissed of about it. Fanboys are already rejoicing.

When: October 24


Anyone who’s watched the British TV drama Broadchurch, knows that replicating its dark, unnerving arc is a gargantuan task. But that hasn’t stopped the Americans before.

Gracepoint is an adaptation of the David Tennant-starring British TV series that garnered so many accolades. And the first thing Fox did was make sure they got Tennant to star in their version too (OK so that may be weird but we’ll see).

Gracepoint’s entire first season will focus on a single murder, much like the superb True Detective, and The Killing did.
If they can get the same look and feel of the British original then this could be a real success, plus it’s got a Dr Who in it, so what’s not to love.

When: TBD but in 2014


Just when you were bemoaning the fact that TV was favouring drama instead of technological goodness, Scorpion hits you with its geeky sting.

Allegedly based on the life of Hacking superstar Walter O’Brien, Scorpion focuses on a group of tech geniuses as they band together to stave off technological apocalypses, one after another.

We’ve been told it’s a sort of Big Bang Theory meets The Blacklist. Sounds great!

When: September 22

Bad Judge

The only problem with Bad Judge is that it’s a network series, so you can forget about the profanity and nudity. OK so it ain’t no Game of Thrones, but for those of us missing an Alan Shore replacement in the TV legal arena, then Bad Judge’s Rebecca Wright should hit all the right notes.

Wright is fast-living, edgy judge who, let’s face it, never lets the law get in the way of a good judgment. If the cast clicks and the writing’s crisp this could be a real winner. Also Will Ferrell is producing so it should have barrels of laughs too.


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