The top Media startups to look out for

If you thought the sun was setting on the age of the media startup, think again. We take a look at the 10 hot startups of 2014.



Founders: Gina Trapani and Anil Dash

AboutThinkUp is a social media analytics tool which tells you how exactly you use your social media like Facebook and Twitter. As complicated as the term ‘analytics’ sounds, ThinkUp basically simply helps you accomplish your goals (whatever they are!) using simple human language. It basically helps you improve your social media skills to a great extent at just $60 a year.


Shots of Me 

Founders: John Shahidi

There are two things to be noted here – firstly, the app is for selfies (Yay or Nay!) and secondly, it is funded by Justin Bieber. The idea occurred to John Shahidi when he realized today’s young brigade is photo crazy. And the best part is, to ensure the app is only used for selfies, the picture has to be taken ONLY using the front camera. And to avoid hateful comments about your selfies, they actually have a direct message system. Smart work, guys!



Founders: Ben Wolstenholme, Eugene Walden and Liam Sharp

Madefire, a motion book tool gives digital storytelling a whole new twist. This app enables you to read, share and interact with stories as they unfold on-screen through words, pictures, motion and sound. The content that the app has is original from several renowned creators of iconic pop culture icons like Batman and Hell Boy to Star Trek, etc.



Founders: Joe Grano and Sam Jurist

Think about how cool it is to be able to share your images with a song that you think describes your image flawlessly? Snippit does just that; allows you to add 4 to 10 second clips of a song to the picture. Added bonuses include adding text captions to the images, tagging friends and location check-ins.



Founders: Barak Hachamov, Shay Erlichmen, Ronel Mor, and Oren Meiri

This new technology is called reactive video messaging (definitely not as complicated as it sounds). Samba basically lets you chat with friends using face-to-face communication. Not new, you think, “I have Facetime and Skype”. But, what Samba lets you do is send video to your friends and receive their responses without live streaming. Instead of waiting for a text, you wait for a video now!



Founders: Paul Filitchkin, Sky Gilbar and Chad Newell

A buyer puts in a request for an image. Mobile photographers respond with their best photos. When buyers find the image they are looking for, the photographer gets an award and also money. That’s Snapwire for you. It helps because unlike other image galleries, your pictures are yours; the world does not have access to them.


News Hunt 

Founders: Virendra Gupta

In India, with the array of languages, an app like News Hunt is a must. News Hunt brings news on your mobile in 11 languages and covers 80+ regional publications. NewsHunt is an app that allows users to read the news from their favorite news brand in their own language. How cool is that?



Founders: Matthew Rosenberg, Michael Constantiner and Andy Thompson

You have these funny videos of YouTube where you see a dog chasing a ball, endlessly. Funny once, but after that it becomes repetitive. What Cameo lets you do is, shoot videos on your phone and turn them into two-minute long short films, helping you share stories and just a video.



Founders: Garrett Dodge, Ketu Patel, Gene Folgo

Don’t we all miss jukeboxes? Rockbot, brings back the epic jukebox experience on your phone! So cool! Once you download the app, you can vote on the playlist and request songs.


Mass Relevance

Founders: Sam Decker, Eric Falcao and Brian Dainton

Mass Relevance gives a brand all the data it would need with regards to its social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram. It helps them gather insights into their social networks via a dashboard with all the information on it.


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