5 must-have software and apps for journalists

We list the indispensable software, tools and apps that a journalist must have on their computers.  


These have been created by professional developers and software geeks, many of these are quite sophisticated, so you can be assured of slick interfaces and 24-hour helpdesk support.

That said, if you can get past the jargon (and the initial complicated feel), you’ll find these nifty software can help you write better and report smartly and also help you discover nuggets of information that would be unavailable through conventional means.


Over the last few years this pagemaking software, once ubiquitous in newsrooms across the globe, has seen its market share destroyed by Adobe’s InDesign. Still, in India, QuarkXpress is dominant, even if that will change over the next few years.

Quark Express

Let down only, by appalling customer support, Quark is an easy-to-use and extremely versatile software that allows pagemakers and designers visualize their ideas and visions.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Indesign

So you already know that Adobe InDesign has become the industry standard, but did you know that with Adobe InDesign you can customize your  workspace, work with text frames and graphics, add and format tables, build interactive documents and EPUBs, and do much more. In no time you will be able to produce well-crafted publications, interactive documents, digital magazines, and e-books all with the help of this one application.

Adobe Photoshop


This software can do everything that you can imagine to enhance visuals and infographics – it can change textures, crisp up edges, sharpen, maximize clarity and minimize noise and halos – so that you have a fine-tuned, high-resolution, natural-looking photos.  Photoshop will help you to salvage shots you thought were lost due to a shaky camera; Photoshop will analyze its trajectory and help restore sharpness. This is not all, there is much, much more that you can do with this software. So go explore it and discover its other cool features own your own.

Oxford Dictionary App

Oxford Dictionary apps

Gone are the days of the pocket dictionary! These days, foreign words or weird colloquial ones are sneaking into everyday conversation, before finding their way into content. Hence, you need a good dictionary, a reliable one and what’s better than the Oxford Dictionary app. Not only with word meanings, but it also helps you with pronunciation and diction so you will never go wrong.

Encyclopedia Britannica App

I know you have Wikipedia, but Britannica is the authority.  The app is free to download with a monthly access charge of £1.99. It offers full access to the Britannica database plus one can also read guest articles by contributors like Bill Clinton, Desmond Tutu and Ian Rankin.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

The most interesting feature of the app is This Day, which has a daily editorialized page. A list of significant events from history is displayed with links to the relevant articles and pages within those articles outlining the event. The articles are presented in about the most readable fashion imaginable; lots of white space with a simple layout and hotlinks on keywords to other articles. Images, rather than being crowbarred into the articles are in a slideshow at the top of each article page.

Well, it’s not the coolest app in your phone but definitely it will be the most useful one.


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