Aayush Agarwal Turns It On!


A few days ago, AISFM student Aayush Agarwal released a video on his YouTube channel. And now, the video has gone viral! This Short film, titled “Turn It Off” tells people how necessary it is to conserve electricity, in a naughty and saucy way. Directed, written, produced, edited by Aayush, this 2:30 minute video got almost 1000 views in less than 36 hours, which is why one mustn’t miss watching it.

“I got the idea while browsing the Internet. I liked the idea of doing a video on conserving electricity,” says Aayush. Since there are already videos made on the same lines using a similar premise, Aayush came up with something different to make it stand out. “The fact that the video is short and crisp, along with the fact that it surprises you at the end, is what makes my short film different from the others,” he says.

The response the video has gotten so far has made the youngster extremely happy. “This video has the most number of hits on my channel. We worked really hard on this film. And it took us two days to complete the whole thing and that’s what makes it so special,” he says.

Here’s the video. Have a look!


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