AISFM Student Aayush Agarwal, Making It Big!


Aayush Agarwal, a student of AISFM, recently bagged a character role in the Venkatesh and Meena starrer Telugu film, Drushyam. We had a chance to catch up with our young rising-star and talk to him about his experience working in the film, his other projects and future plans. He has already worked in a motion picture, has his own YouTube channel with over fourteen thousand views, and had got offers for other films as well. Guess what? He’s not even eighteen yet!

Aayush said that that for him, working in Drushyam was an experience that helped him emotionally. After working in a film, people started taking him more seriously since they could now see his potential through that one piece of work. Every second spent during shoot was a learning experience he says.

Getting this role was not something he had not expected. It all happened during a filmmaking workshop he had attended when he was in 10th grade where he was spotted. After two whole years, he got a phone call one day and was asked to come down for an audition, and voila! He got the role.

“Though I had not performed that day during the workshop, I was spotted amongst the crowd. Maybe at that time the way I looked was similar to what they were looking for. What surprised me the most was the fact that they remembered me even after two years”

Even though he’s born and brought up in Hyderabad, his major shortcoming is speaking in Telugu. On asking why he hasn’t joined a language class, he said that he wants to learn the dialect and modulations and emotions behind the language which according to him, no class can teach. His hesitation in speaking this new language faded  during his conversation with Rana Daggupati, at the same filmmaking workshop, who helped get him out of his shell a little bit.

Apart from acting, Aayush is also a YouTuber. His channel has got 211 subscribers and over 14,000 views. For him, YouTube is a medium through which he can showcase his talent. Coming from a typical Marwadi family, he certainly had some restrictions. These for him were challenges that he had to over come. After being given his first camera by his father, he knew that he now had to prove himself to his family. He waiting for a crew only held him back, so he decided to take things in his own hands. His videos are directed, shot, edited and broadcasted by him alone. Though in such a short duration, he has so many subscribers, his happiness lies elsewhere.

“The views and subscribers are not things I take pride in. The expression my father had on his face when he saw me on the big screen is worth so much more than any number of followers or views.”

Talking about his life at AISFM, Aayush is a BFA (Film+Media) student specializing in Advertising and Digital Marketing. There is a lot of work, practical and theoretical, he says, that goes into the course. The faculty is supportive and the facilities and opportunities that are provided are better than other schools. The class is interactive and not at all boring so it helps non-readers excel too, he says.


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