Indispensable apps for students

Every single penny counts when you are a college student. You are on a budget but you also need the right study tools and apps to help you learn and get through your courses. In today’s day and age, there are a lot of apps that help ease the studying process and make it fun to learn. We have compiled a quick list of some apps that can help with studies.

Exam Vocabulary Builder
This app improves English vocabulary, whether for college entrance exams, professional advancement or for language proficiency. It uses a method called ‘spaced repetition’ to help with retention and also has search and organize features along with several modes like Study, Flashcard, and Quiz.

Dragon Dictation
If you are too tired from flipping through print books, just start talking into Dragon Dictation and it will convert everything for you digitally, which you can paste into other apps, send as an email message, or save it for later. You can use Dragon Dictation for text messages as well. Note: iOS only.

Smart Flashcards
Brainscape has a number of flashcard style apps for iOS, one of them is “Brainscape – Smart Flashcards”. You can create your own flashcard sets or download online and it has both free and paid content. It is easy to use and create flashcard sets. It also has the the Flashcards/ Flashcardlet app which can access content created with the main Brainscape app.

Quizlet is a general study tool that boasts millions of flashcard study sets for various topics, and is created by student users. If you are not able to find the subjects you’re looking for in such a large collection, you can make your own. It also lets you use images and audio in your flashcard sets, which adds variety to the learning process.

This app helps you take notes and combines bookmarking, composing, clipping and more and can be used for to do lists. Evernote is available on multiple platforms, is usable in Web browser and mobile apps and comes with Web browser plugins/ addons, and the best part is that, it’s free.

A great app for students is Timeful (iOS), an app that acts as a calendar and to-do list, allowing you to keep your entire schedule in just one place. It uses intelligent code to gather information on the user’s habits and regular routines in order to suggest the best possible times to schedule new jobs and other chores.


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