Telugu direction course launched!


The Diploma in Film Direction for the Telugu Film Industry was launched yesterday at AISFM. Supriya Yarlagadda, Executive Director – Annapurna Studios, officially launching the course said, “This is the first time we are conducting the Telugu direction course here at AISFM and we are searching for talented professionals for the industry.”

This Telugu-medium course not just introduces aspiring directors to the craft of film and television production and the art of visual narrative, but also prepares them to work as assistant directors at a professional level and to enter their first jobs in the film and television industry.

“The first thumb rule to become a good director is to surround yourself with really good assistant directors,” said Supriya and went on to cite an example about Nagarjuna’s iconic movie ‘Shiva’. She said that Ram Gopal Varma had a great team of assistant directors who ably assisted him in bringing forth his thoughts into reality.

There is a crisis in the film industry now and that is the lack of talented assistant directors, she said and encouraged the students who joined this first-time course, and added that “you have come to learn the art of film direction and you can learn a new skillset here and get a job. Each and everyone of you should think that you are one-in-a-hundred and work towards your goal of becoming a director, and with this course you will be able to learn the skillset required to fulfill your goal.”

The lesser you read, the better it is and the more you do practically, the better it is, she concluded and wished the students success.

The course also covers the ground realities of working in this field, including how to be professional on set, how to pitch stories and how to plan a career path. Modules of the course include Short Film Making, Basics of Screenwriting, Cinematography, Sound, Editing amongst others.

Introduction to the Grammar of Filmmaking, Production and Assistant Direction Skills, Understanding The Role of an Assistant Director, Assembly Line of Production, On-set Actor Management are other aspects of the course that will help students understand the nitty-gritties of the film industry.

They will also get an opportunity to work as an assistant director and understand Scripting and Directing Teleseries, Understand Llarge vs Small Screen, Budgeting for TV production and more for Television Direction and Production.

Apart from equipping the students with the technical expertise and skillset required to excel in the film industry, they will also be made ‘industry aware’ and understand how the local industry works, how to build network and gain exposure etc.

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