When stars admit to failures


Hallelujah! Shah Rukh Khan finally admitted that his acting in Happy New Year left a lot to be desired. The movie released last year, raked in the moolah at the Box Office, but left scores of SRK fans highly disappointed. And Shah Rukh’s admission has shocked many because stars don’t admit to failures easily. It almost ‘never’ happens.

While SRK’s criticism was restricted to his performance and not the movie, other actors in the past haven’t been too kind to their flop films and shot off statements almost immediately. Here’s taking a look at some of them who created headlines with their comments.

Mahesh-babu-aagudu Mahesh Babu, Aagudu: When Tollywood’s most reticent star makes a public statement, one is bound to sit up and take note. Mahesh Babu’s Aagudu failed to live up to expectations at the marquee, and the actor admitted to being dejected at the outcome. Mahesh said that since there was a lot at stake, it took him a while to overcome the disappointment. “This is what happens in life. You learn from mistakes and move on,” Mahesh was quoted as saying.

Bipasha saif-humshakalsBipasha Basu and Saif Ali Khan, Humshakals: Sajid Khan’s film Humshakals crossed all parameters in crass comedy. What ensued was backlash from the audience and critics. However, leading lady Bipasha Basu distanced herself from the film prior to release and refused to promote it. She admitted that the film “rattled her” and she cried to her mother after going home from shoot one day.

Meanwhile, Saif Ali Khan too publicly disowned the movie post release, and called it his “biggest mistake”. He also said that he wouldn’t work with Sajid again.


Ajay Devgn, Himmatwala: Again, a Sajid Khan film, and this time the actor criticizing it was Ajay Devgn. After Himmatwala’s dismal show at the Box Office, Ajay stated in an interview that he knew the movie would flop after he saw it. The actor also confessed that he felt something was wrong and amiss even while shooting.


Akshay Kumar, Joker: Sirish Kunder’s Joker, starring Akshay and Sonakshi Sinha was not only a huge disaster, but it made news after the leading man distanced himself from the movie. Akshay was not happy with the way the film shaped-up and refused to promote it. When quizzed about it, a snubbed and hurt producer Farah Khan was quoted as saying, “I just feel that actors need to be a little more responsible. If you are in a project and have taken money for it, you ought to be there till the end. Being the producer, I did whatever I could to promote the movie. But when the actor washes his hands off, it sends the wrong signal to everyone.” Farah, Akshay and Sirish have not worked together ever since.


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