Beach Please!


For most of us, summer time automatically means beach time. People flock to the beaches to surf, swim, build sand castles and overall, have some fun in the sun. Hollywood is no stranger to this fun, and has an array of ‘beachy’ films. We present to you seven such films that prove the fact that life’s a beach!

Cast Away


Robert Zemeckis, who is known for his incredible VFX, considers Tom Hanks to be the most impressive image he ever put on screen. Hanks, took a year’s break to lose 50 lbs., so as to better play a man stuck on a deserted island for many years. This was so worth it, when the film made quite the splash at the box office (pun intended). It’s a harrowing and beautifully filmed film about survival at any cost.



Jaws is probably one of those few beach films which is so good, that it scares you away from beaches. This thriller/drama is about how a group of people set out on stopping a great white shark that had been terrorising an island community. Gripping, and full of suspense, this film will definitely want to make you think twice before stepping into the big blue. (Side note: During the end credits, if you look carefully, you can see Brody and Hooper slowly floating to the shore.)

The Beach


The film revolves around Richard, who finds himself in possession of an odd map that is rumoured to lead to an island paradise. The film’s tagline “Paradise has its price” soon became trending when the film hit the box office. Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as an obsessive traveller was much appreciated in this oceanic adventure.

The Blue Lagoon


This 1980 American romantic adventure drama film directed by Randal Kleiser, was based on a novel by the same name by Henry De Vere Stacpoole. This Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins starrer finds its spot in almost every list of beach films. It tells the story of two young children marooned on a tropical island paradise in the South Pacific. In the absence of societal restrictions, with just the company of each other, emotional feelings arise and they eventually fall in love. It’s quite funny how the film caused quite a stir back in the 80’s for its explicit nude scenes, which will seem quite normal in today’s time!



Beaches or Forever Friends, is a 1988 American comedy-drama adapted by Mary Agnes Donoghue from an Iris Rainer Dart novel that goes by the same name. The most iconic part of the film is probably its theme song, ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’, that went on to win several awards, including the Grammys, whose popularity can be seen even today.

The Endless Summer


This is probably the only beach themed documentary to have received such popularity. Filmmaker/narrator Bruce Brown follows two surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August as they embark on an all around the world surfing trip. It was been recorded that the film’s title comes from the idea, expressed at both the beginning and end of the film, that if one had enough time and money it would be possible to follow the summer up and down the world, making it endless. The film makes you want to pack up your bags and take off on such a trip as well.

Blue Hawaii


This list could not end at a better note, that one delivered by the rock and roll king, Elvis Presley himself, who traded his shiny black shoes for flip flops for this film. The Hawaiian musical romance will make you want to sip your Mai Tai while lying on a beach gazing up at the stars, while ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ serenades you all night.

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