How journalists use social media: A statistical look


Forty per cent of journalists said social media networks are ‘very important’ to their work and over a third said they spend between 30 and 60 minutes each day on social networking sites.



Microblogs like Twitter were by far the most popular type of social media used by journalists. Over half of those surveyed said they regularly use the platforms for gathering information and reporting out stories.

The most common use of social media by journalists was to check for breaking news — nearly 80 percent said they regularly use social networking sites to stay on top of recent developments. But a full 73.1 percent specifically cited using social media to check in on what the competition is reporting on, and many other uses like finding ideas for stories and staying in touch with audiences were also quite popular.


Many journalists also see social media as a vehicle for self-promotion — more than 80 percent agreed that it helped them share their work, and more than two thirds said they are more engaged with their audiences thanks to the platforms.


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