Iha Sharma #TalksRed !

Iha Sharma #TalksRed !Red Fist started as a simple idea. Aman Bhardwaj and Ashwin Rajashekar, the Literary Club representatives, when they’re not joking around and cracking everyone up, actually do have some brilliant ideas; Red Fist was one of them! From a simple idea to a successful college-wide event, it was a rollercoaster ride, one that all Red Fist volunteers would love to stand in line for, for multiple rounds.

Incepted from the concept of open mic sessions, this was a vocal fest propagating free speech and freedom of expression. Solidarity was the foundation of the fest. As an art school, it is imperative that patrons of all fields, be it filmmaking, animation, advertising, journalism or photography, are united and support each other. Not only students, but faculty and staff were also invited.

Our Dean was ever so supportive and with a lot of help from our beloved student coordinator Lyzandra Lewis, Red Fist became such a success. Our chief guest was Bajrangi Bhaijaan writer Vijayendra Prasad, and the event was hosted by the much loved advertising student, Aayush Agarwal.

Red Fist consisted of 7 different events:

Debate, with a twist. In the debate, instead of a conventional for/against a statement rule, the opposing teams were given 2 different films based on the same core topic and genre, and they had to defend their film. The two films were – Company (2002) & Gangs of Wasseypur (2002). With just a very little margin, the team with Gangs of Wasseypur won. The event was judged by the very equipped editing faculty duo of Rima Mazumdar & Amit Prasad.

Poetry Slam, a literary event to its core, it was judged by Padma Ramesh, who seemed to enjoy all of the performances. Vaishnavi Mudaliar from BFA 1 took the 1st position with her extremely relatable poem on best friends.

Monologue, the blend of speech and drama, was judged by Mr. Vijayendra Prasad, who was really moved by the winner BFA 1 student Suman Chowdhary’s performance. An emotionally-charged performance about the complicated relationship that every woman shares with her mother, Suman left those present at the event, teary-eyed.

Singing, an event which needs no introduction had everyone humming along to the performers. Krishna Priya, a first year animation student, wowed everyone with her energetic performance and came first among the 5 participants. The event was judged by the enthusiastic duo of Sanjeev Kumar & Debkanta Chakrabarty.

Standup Comedy, one event that saw a single participant in BFA 1 student Harshvardhan. Harshvardhan’s initiative was much appreciated, and the audience enjoyed a lot.

Lip-Sync, an event popularized by American show host Jimmy Fallon recharged the whole venue with energy as the participants not only lip-synced to their respective songs, but also performed with the audience. This interaction even made the faculty dance along. Mansi Khandekar stole the show among the participants and the event was judged by the colourful personality that is Vivek Pandey.

Open Mic is one event that saw the faculty on stage without any will to leave. Our respected Dean sang on stage twice! Sanjeev Kumar, Samrat Chakrabarty, Amit Prasad and Vivek Pandey, lit the stage on fire.

The Literary Club is elated by the success of Red Fist and with the feedback that we’ve received. We hope to see Red Fist become an annual event henceforth. Ashwin Rajashekar says, “I’ve always wanted to organize a fest in this college. We have been planning since the past four years. Who would have thought changing one letter could make it possible? (The event was called ‘Red Fest’ previously when it had been canceled) I’m grateful to all the club representatives and volunteers for their hard work. This fest wouldn’t have been possible without them. Now, I plan to organize the fest annually, twice. Both intra and inter-college. Let’s hope for the best.” “All the hard work paid off. Despite a few setbacks, the Red Fist team managed to put up a good show. I’m glad we’ll go down in the history of AISFM as the team which organized the first ever fest in college.” added Aman.

Team Members:

Aman Bhardwaj
Iha Sharma
Ashwin Rajashekar
Shubham Jajodia

Shivam Sinha
Aditya Adholia
Sagar Kaushik
Abhishek Khapre

Poetry Slam:
Tanya Chhabria
Gehna Maheshwari

S Venkat Narayana Murthy
Anirudh Kompella

Thanmayi Dayala
Joysuryo Paul
Joshua Thakur
Raveesh Sood

Stand-up Comedy:
Ashwin Rajashekar
Mithun Soma

Tarun Panwar
Purvangi Ranjan

Akash Subramaniam
Abhipsa Sahoo
Sreyash Myneni
Aditya Adholia

Sound/Technical team:
Rishabh Lalwani
Ashwin Rajashekar
Adithya Vinayaka
Abhishek Kothari

Karishma Kumar
Prema Clayton
Vandana Prabhu
Shubham Jajodia
Sagar Kaushik
Adithya Vinayaka

Special Mention:
Hari Doshi
Raj Anna

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