“It was a dream come true to see myself on the big screen”


“A dream come true to see myself on the big screen for the very first time,” says she excitedly talking about the short film that is garnering more hits by the day on Youtube. Tanya Joshi, a BFA student from AISFM, is slowly but surely trying to create her own space in the celluloid world. One first step towards that is her stint with the short film Amrutha 96.4 FM. Talking about it all is Tanya here!

So, was it a childhood dream coming true? “Yes, definitely especially coming from a family who is nowhere related to the film industry. It seems more like a fairy tale, but I still have a long way to go. I really look forward to working in films soon. I personally feel that being in AISFM, I have got all these opportunities. The first ever acting project I did was in Annapurna (the music video), then I got this short film Amrutha 96.4 FM. Since then I have never looked back,” she says.

Recollecting how it came by her way, she says “Well, after the music video I started working with a lot of college students in Annapurna. I worked in their semester-end projects. People in college did notice my interest in acting and a lot of students referred my name to independent filmmakers in Hyderabad. Then out of the blue, I got a call from Kishan Katta (Director of Amrutha 96.4 FM). We sat down to read the script, I loved it and so I decided to do this project.”

How does she feel, after the star status it has achieved? “Ha-ha…Wow star status. I think it’s too early to say that I have achieved a star status. I still have a long way to go. But yes I am very happy that few people do know me in Hyderabad because of my acting. I would really thank AISFM for that. I got a lot of exposure because of this college. So I would still say that it’s way too early to say the star status thing. But I am grateful that at such an early age I have started my journey as an actor,” she goes on to say knowing it’s a hard way ahead.

Learning a new language was just one of the things she learnt whilst the making of the short film. Says she, “The only set back that I faced was that this short film was in Telugu, so I really had to learn the language. Also it was for the first time that I was working with an unknown crew. So it took a while for me to understand how things work here.”

Other projects she has been involved with so far are with her seniors’ projects like Pheli Supari, AISFM music video, In Love Dubara, Sales Girl, Lakshman Rekha (The Unwritten Law)  and she has now started doing dubsmashes, which have become quite popular on Instagram.

So, what’s next on the plate? “I am getting calls for many short films, but at the moment I am trying not to take up too many projects in hand as I am in the final year of my degree (BFA in Film & Media). I have taken some time off to work on myself, to make myself ready for the film industry. I am only focusing on myself and the final year of college. If I get a really good project in hand then I would consider doing it,” she says.

Talking about the whole experience of performing, she says, “The whole experience of working in Amrutha 96.4 FM was mind blowing. The shooting of this project was so much fun, as the character Jenny is always hyper and bubbly. That’s how I am in real life as well, so I was able to relate to the character. Before the movie released on YouTube there was a special screening in Prasad’s theatre. So that was a dream come true to see myself on the big screen for the very first time. It recently crossed one lakh views on YouTube. Hence, I am extremely grateful that I am in AISFM because of which I got so many opportunities and I am pretty sure that once I graduate from this prestigious institution, I will have a beautiful journey to look forward to.”

Check out the teaser of the short film http://bit.ly/2bitbxx and the short film itself here

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