“Understand industry trends and strategies”


A Guest Lecture was conducted at AISFM recently and Lukup Media, which is in the business of operating Live TV, on-demand TV platform and broadband services, was invited to share its thoughts on the media industry.

K Vamshi Krishna, Manager – Distribution of Lukup Media, shared information about the company’s product and speaking to us about the latest trends of the industry said that business development plays a major role in electronic media in acquiring rights to telecast exclusive content to viewers. He further added that “the TRP rating would rise and this is possible with partnerships with broadcasters or any other content provider. Print media has to rely more on sales to increase their subscriber base to get maximum hold in the market and this is only possible through direct marketing and sales to end customer.”

He also added that “in the media and entertainment industry as you need to drive both innovation and efficiency embracing new approaches in marketing, distribution, technology and operations; I suggest you get more understanding about the trends and strategies, to have more exposure which helps in generating best ideas. It is better to do a live project on any company in introducing a strategy to maximise their potential in the market.”

Looking towards AISFM for talented individuals, he said, “Lukup Media is a start-up company and would definitely require qualified professionals with innovative ideas to present and position our product strategically in the market and we will surely consider AISFM students to work with us in the coming months.”

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