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How to Write an Amazing Screenplay That Can Be Executed on a Low Budget — Blog

How to Write an Amazing Screenplay That Can Be Executed on a Low Budget

Gone are the days when high budget scripts ruled the film industry. The television has taken the industry by storm. Today, producers rarely opt for scripts that require millions for execution. The industry pros are searching for ways to make profits. That’s where a screen writer’s crucial role comes in!
Be it an autonomous producer or a well-known film studio, everyone desires for extraordinary screen writing that can be executed on a shoestring budget. So if you’re looking at making it big in the industry, you must have at least one low budget script in your armory.
Producing a film in itself is quite a task and when one is dealing with a minuscule budget, it gets even more challenging. While drafting the script, if you keep the following pointers in mind, your meetings with the producers will be off to a good start!

1. Contain the Locations

While screenwriting, always make an endeavor to draft a story line calling for lesser locations. Keep it to a maximum of three to five locations. Scrutinize the storyline for external locations as well. Keep them minimal.
Ensure the locations are re-accessible, have provision of apposite power supply, and are devoid of external distractions.
Another aspect of locations that eats on the budget big time is night sequences. Avoid the paraphernalia required and save on your funds.

2. Script Locations You Can Control

location screenplay

If you’re looking at low budget execution, you obviously don’t intend to make the producer spend big money on shutting down streets or using the airport! The best idea is to stay indoors as much as possible especially in scenes with dialogues.
Keep street scenes with minimal dialogue. Good sound is a highly crucial facet of filmmaking. You definitely don’t desire to jeopardize such a cardinal aspect. So have dialogue sequences in locations with little noise traffic. Well! The best would be within four walls!

3. Limit the Characters

Since the aim is to execute a low budget film, the characters need to be limited as well. The best solution is to avoid crowd sequences. Scenes shot at restaurants, marketplaces or cricket stadiums require several background artists, which certainly escalate the budget.

4. Avoid Action Sequences

action screenplay

Action sequences require colossal expenditure. Even an ordinary car chase requires blocking of streets. Elaborate martial arts sequences, stunts and car crashes call for even higher budget and are time-consuming as well.
Make the dialogues heavy and engaging instead!

5. Keep Dialogue Succinct

This one is a highly common error with novice writers. They tend to draft scripts with dialogue chunks. The consequence is a script with repetitive and highly illustrative dialogue. Believe me, it’s a complete turn off for producers!
A good film school canvasses to show not tell. In the world of cinema, actions should speak louder than words. If you remember this golden rule while script writing, you will certainly reach the pinnacle soon. So keep the language concise, minimal yet powerful.

6. Craft a Compelling Story

The screenwriter’s job is to put the producer at ease when it comes to budgeting. So if you cannot cater for a sought after producer, A- level actors, fanatical animation, extraordinary locations, and several martial arts sequences — the only aspect your script writing should highlight is an out-of-the-box, original, and life altering STORY!
Draft a compelling story by investing maximum time towards perfecting your characters. Remember, a brilliant screenplay is a priceless commodity in the film industry.

7. Restrict Cameo Roles

Restrict your screen writing with regard to cameos. Stay clear of ensemble pieces. The fewer the number of characters to account for, the better is the execution! It’s time; script writers abandoned the line of thought that an entertaining film requires plenty of characters. Films centered on specific themes sell beautifully.
A persuasive story has the potential to attract high quality actors. With a few gem actors you can create the magic!

8. Adhere to the Genre

genre screenplay

Low budget genre films include horror, suspense, and comedy. Drama can be tenuous when it comes to execution on low budget! So create what sells best in limited budget.

9. Keep it Short

If you’re looking at tight finance, keep the length of the script between 80 and 100 pages. The shorter the better as lesser money is spent in the execution! It’s simple logic, no great Math involved here!

If you keep these parameters in mind while script writing, you shall certainly be able to maximize the minuscule budget. Why spend loads of finance on transportation, multiple locations and food to satisfy a large crew; when the same can be invested in A-listed actors to offer flawless performances!

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