Students Of Oakridge International School attend the Film Appreciation class at AISFM

What qualifies you as a movie lover is extreme passion for cinema, no matter what your core career path is, and what age group or gender you belong to. Movie lovers are after all a community of their own.  If you are one of those film buffs, this course is for you. You’ll enjoy every bit of it, taking an insightful, exciting ride through great cinematic masterpieces.  The more you know about movies, the more you enjoy them.  A true immersion into the world of movies like never before.

So what exactly is film appreciation? In simple words, it is the breaking down of the language of cinema in the most simplest of concepts & terms that are understandable to even the most simple minds. What are the different aspects of cinema that come together to form one single movie? What are the different techniques that make cinema such a spectacular art form?

There are namely three steps to film appreciation:-

  1. Understand the soul or essence of the film.
  2. Learn and appreciate the key dynamics of what the film is made up of – art, technology, process etc.
  3. The final and important aspect is to reflect on the above two points and then appreciate the film.

Delving into the history of cinema is important as there lay the secrets of evolution of cinema, and puts movies into their context, be it modern or contemporary. Though cinema has culture specific nuances, at large, the language of cinema is universal. Cinema as we know it today is influenced by various art forms, societal sensibilities, and commerce. Coming together of these forces creates something unique and of value.

Ok, now why do we go to the movies? The answer is simple – to have fun! Comedies make us laugh, tragedies make us weep and horror films give us the jump scare. The experience of watching a movie is stimulating, but fleeting! But some movies can mean a lot more to us than mere entertainment. For eg., think of some of your favourite moments in a film. Think of moments in the film that you felt were life-changing. There is a major difference between enjoying a film and appreciating one. One might enjoy a silly comedy without the need for a meaningful storyline, but to appreciate a film, one must find it’s deeper meaning, beneath the surface.

Here is what top 10 things you can do to become better at film appreciation:-

  1. View films that have been critically acclaimed.
  2. Enjoy independent cinema, that’s marginalised for its sheer brilliance.
  3. Explore all genres that you normally don’t find.
  4. Research and identify directors that make movies that suit your favourite genre.
  5. Subscribe to film related magazines, newsletters and mails.
  6. Check out websites related to world cinema.
  7. Take a film appreciation course.
  8. Pay attention to every detail like camera angles, lighting, sound design which are carefully orchestrated for a reason.
  9. Take important notes so that you can re-visit them.
  10. Join a film appreciation club to enhance your passion.

More and more number of people are enjoying taking up film appreciation classes as this experience transports them into another realm. People of all ages find fun & learning. Group discussions & brainstorm on films inspire them to share their thought and ideas. Film appreciation classes and clubs are on the rise all over the world, and it is good to find the best one around. What else could be the best place for this than a working professional studio?

Course outcomes, especially for students:

  1. A deeper understanding of the world through cinema, which encourages healthy intellectual inquiry at an early age.
  2. Renewed critical thinking and communication skills as the students take a stance on crucial societal issues debating the paradigm of the filmmakers.
  3. Self-discovery through psychological analysis of a range of characters sculpted carefully by master filmmakers.
  4. Develop skills like Emotional Intelligence through empathy for characters, their plight and interpersonal relationships.

Thus, a film awareness course gives one and awareness of education fields like liberal arts, film, media, advertising, communication arts, animation, VFX etc.

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