The Outbound Adventure

All work and no play is not the motto we follow at AISFM. We believe that team building and training is the core responsibility of our organisation. As people have diverse skill sets and personalities, this can contribute to improper implementation, conflict and competition leading to team initiatives failing often.

Hence, an outbound event was planned for the staff of AISFM to Mujahidpur village, Telangana. The outbound training was aimed at helping participants understand the important elements of team building, leadership, collaboration and achieving results. The participants were made to stretch their limits, come out of their comfort zone and they were made to live in tents, lead a rural life, interact with the villagers, have lunch with them and play trust and interdependence games.

The two day outbound revolved around activities designed to improve leadership, communication skills, planning, change management, delegation, teamwork and motivation. Experiential learning with adventure and team building activities was the order of the day. Adult learning principles were incorporated to give a hands-on approach to learning. The core idea was to put the participants in unique and ambiguous situations, so that they would develop teamwork skills by testing their knowledge, skills and abilities through newer experiences and challenges.

It was a great learning experience for the entire team as they came together to spend some quality time in learning interpersonal skills. At AISFM, we have lot of fun coupled with learning for everyone.


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