Facilities at Annapurna College

Annapurna College is situated on a 22-acre studio campus and offers its students several facilities to ensure they get everything they require to successfully finish their degree. We are a holistic film school that gives our students a chance to excel in their filmmaking endeavours. Our aim and vision to produce some of the best filmmakers in the world is facilitated by our ability to provide our students with world-class infrastructure.

The Library:

This not-so-little room is at the center of most campus activity! Our on-site library has nearly 2000 books, national and international journals on subjects ranging from Cinematography, Direction, and Photography to Advertising, Editing, and Business. Comfortable and welcoming, our library has abundant natural lighting and good vibes! Students can browse the stacks, look-up e-journals for research, use the quiet to work on assignments, or simple read the newspaper!

The Edit Department:

We strive to stimulate the audio-visual senses of our budding editors! The long hours students spend in our quiet studio spaces, away from campus noises and the diversions of the digital world, enable them to focus on visual appreciation. Our ergonomically designed studios, neutrally coloured furniture and walls, and carpeted floors minimize colour and sound distortions.

Our Edit Department is fully equipped with client monitors, plug-and-play systems, and make sure to periodically update our curriculum and infrastructure based on industry practices and recommendations. We take great pride in mentoring our students for a finer technical appreciation of the audio-visual variations in different delivery formats.

The Sound-Design Department:

Annapurna College is a one-campus solution when it comes to Sound Production! Located at the heart of the campus, our state-of-the-art recording studio is equipped with high-end digital equipment with the latest versions of Pro-Tools and Yamaha Digital Audio Mixer. We recently added a dedicated space for Foley Recording- a truly fine acoustically treated space with enhanced studio monitoring facilities for achieving clarity, richness, detail, and depth in sound production. Our students get to experience this rare full-fledged integrated facility configured to develop skills in multiple segments of Sound Post-Production: Dubbing, Foley, Sound Effects Designing, and Music Recording.

We also have separate classrooms dedicated to MIDI and Music Designing all equipped with high-end technology. We understand the importance of producing efficient and proactive sound engineers to meet the increasing demand for Production Sound Mixers for films going exclusively for sync sound production. Our Location Sound sessions are equipped with the latest Portable Mixers, Multi-track digital audio recorders from Tascam, Sound Devices, Roland and microphones from Sennheiser, Sanken, and Rhodes.

The Cinematography Department:

 We pride ourselves in nurturing aspiring cinematographers into seasoned professionals. Equipped with industry-standard digital cinema cameras, our cinematography department offers comprehensive, hands-on instruction in the art and craft of cinematography. Students have access to two studio floor spaces, fully equipped with their own lights and grip accessories, for their practical sessions and semester projects. Lead by faculty with over twenty years’ experience in the field, the cinematography department regularly updates its equipment, accessories, and curriculum in sync with emerging trends and industry standards.

Finally, when our students graduate they don’t just leave with terrific education but also become members of a growing network of accomplished and successful professionals. Our prodigies today will change the face of cinema tomorrow with their fresh ideas and great talents!

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