The AISFM and CILECT Connect

Centre International de Liaison des Écoles de Cinéma et de Télévision or CILECT is the association of the world’s major film and television schools. Founded in Cannes in 1954, with a goal to provide a means for the exchange of ideas among member schools, and to help them understand the future of education for creative personnel in film, television, and related media. Their goal is to promote and develop the highest standards of education, research, and training of films, television and related media through establishing and organizing global and regional forums for the exchange of artistic, pedagogical, methodological, and managerial best practices for all its members. It currently has 182-member film/media schools world-wide, including AISFM.

AISFM or The Annapurna International School for Film and Media based out of Hyderabad, India, is one of the most popular film schools in the country. In addition to that, it takes pride in partnering with CILECT. Through this partnership, the students at AISFM get a chance to gain international exposure as they prepare themselves to enter the world of cinema and media professionally.

Today, Indian films and media have a global presence making it important for students to learn and adapt to international standards. This exchange also benefits their creative processes and improves their techniques.

Furthermore, CILECT as an association, encourages inter- exchange programs between its schools, thus promoting talent and creativity. This gives the students of AISFM an opportunity to engage in cultural exchanges, increase global awareness, and improve their skill set. This program facilitates a diverse learning environment wherein students and faculty from other countries interact with each other and share a bond of mutual learning.

The partnership with CILECT helps AISFM achieve its vision of providing its students with a holistic education. They interact with several professionals on a global scale, thus increasing their knowledge base and learning about the newest technologies in the field. This association does not only help the students but also helps the faculty in living up to AISFM’s mission to be the best film/media school with global standards.

In addition to being able to interact with faculty and students world-wide, the association with CILECT opens doors for placements abroad as well. Through the opportunities provided by the foreign association, AISFM is fortunate to be able to forge relationships with those international industries through the film schools of those territories.

Lastly, the movie industry in any part of the world is all about connections, communication, language, exchanges, and a great platform to make your mark both nationally and globally. With movies, boundaries between culture, religion, and region, blur every day. Therefore, this is an ideal time for AISFM to join the international partnering schools as it prepares its students to face the challenges and seize opportunities on a global arena. To be part of such a prestigious association has also benefited the management at AISFM as they too are on a constant journey to improve themselves and create a difference in the school’s future. They consistently strife to face the challenges of the pedagogical practices of tomorrow’s world.

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