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AISFM launches unique ACTING PROGRAM

Actor training methods from the West, however popular they are, Indian film industry always wonders if those techniques can be applicable to Indian commercial cinema. Because, extremely subtle expression, though ‘sophisticated’ in the eyes of the elite audiences, an element of ‘pushing the envelope’ might require for certain film roles in India.

Hence, AISFM is launching a unique Acting Technique, developed in the West – yet – easily adaptable to Indian cinema context.

Michael Checkov, a disciple of world’s celebrated Acting guru Stanislavski created his own niche in Hollywood, Broadway and the rest of the world for his practical approach to Actor training. Checkov trained stars like Marilyn Monroe, Anthony Quinn, Clint Eastwood, Dorothy Dandridge, Yul Brynner, Elia Kazan, Robert Lewis, Paula Strasberg to name a few.


Unlike his guru, Checkov emphasizes on both physicality and internalization of a character. This unique combination works perfectly for Indian cinema needs. Without tainting the emotional core and truth of the character, actors can bank on their creative physical gesture combined with ‘psychological gesture’ of Checkov – and make a smooth transition between their own selves and characters on screen.

Nitin Mane, an expert trainer, who has an MFA in Acting from USA joined AISFM to handle this program. Having decades of theater experience in Marathi, Hindi and English languages, Nitin Mane explored actor training methods of Michael Checkov and Sanford Meisner, which are a rarity in this part of the world.

Nitin’s thorough knowledge of both Indian film industry and world cinema gives him an edge with this training program, as he is all set to prepare Indian actors with an international caliber.

Michael Checkov’s technique of ‘Psychological gesture’ not only equips the actor with increased confidence in their physical and vocal presence in performance, it also helps a human being in any walk of life with increased self awareness, confidence, communication skills, creativity and leadership qualities.

A 12-week intense program, run Saturdays 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM caters to:


AISFM Inaugural Session 2017, A Great Start!


Bright smiles and eager faces of our new set of students said it all! The AISFM Inaugural Session of 2017 welcoming the students and their families into the AISFM fold, was celebrated at N Convention Hall.

The session started off with a flourish with a montage of all the nine Grad Films of our graduating batch which proudly showcased their learning, hard work and finesse!

The Chief Guest for the session was renowned film director Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi, popularly known as Krish, known for his Telugu hits like ‘Gamyam’, ‘Vedam’, ‘Gautamiputra Satakarni’ and Kangana Ranaut’s Hindi historical ‘Manikarnika’ which is under production. Lauding the students’ choice of school, he said, “all you students have chosen a very strong and good film school that has high level of expertise in cinema & backed by Annapurna Studios; no other school is better than AISFM.” Appreciating the grad films that he saw, he regretted that he did not have a chance like these students to learn at a film school. Reminiscing about a chat he had with our founder, the legendary Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, he said, “ANR garu had said that cinema is an amalgamation of multiple arts and crafts and the synthesis of all these elements form a beautiful art called cinema.” He recollected his journey of becoming a filmmaker and how he would sometimes wait outside Annapurna Studios to get a peek, and how later a long & hard determined journey brought him to the same studios as a working director on Manikarnika recently.  He encouraged AISFM students, “If I can do it, you can do it.”


Krish then advised the students, “be passionate in doing whatever you do and absorb as much as you can from your classes. You have a great chance to learn and experience here in the live studios, be open minded and a team player. Hard work is more important than talent, and of course endurance.” He ended on a thoughtful note, “if we are failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail, so work really hard and be passionate.”

Renowned Hollywood business expert, author and President of FilmProfit, Jeffrey Hardy who is our Academic Advisor sent in his wishes for the students along with a message. He said, “I feel honoured, to be asked by the Dean, to be a part of the group that is advising particularly MMBA students. I think the business side of business is what I focus my life on and it is the business side of business is what makes everything run well. You can’t just think only about the creative side, you have to do good production, you have to have them well-managed, you have to do good distribution, you have to look for every opportunity in the market, you have manage it well, manage relationships with exhibitors and distributors and everyone else.”

Bob Brown, popular Hollywood Action Director, known for blockbusters like Transformers, Mission Impossible, Terminator, xXx , sent in his message too and said, “AISFM is a state-of-the-art international film school and is a great place to learn.”

Reputed Hollywood writer, Paul Guay who has penned titles like Jim Carrey’s Liar Liar, Little Rascals and Heartbreakers congratulated the new batch of AISFM for getting into the school. He said, “When Dean Bala Raj invited me to be an Academic Advisor for their Screenwriting program, I took time to study the school. I was impressed with all aspects of AISFM. I haven’t seen any film school that’s located on the studio lots like AISFM. You’re going to have a great learning experience and a fun ride.”

Iconic Indian director S.S. Rajamouli who created the prestigious grand epic ‘Bahubali,’ too sent in his words of advice and best wishes for the young and enthusiastic students and said, “absorb, learn, get exposed to life in the AISFM campus itself and work hard.”


Our Honorary Director, Amala Akkineni, while officially inaugurating the new academic year 2017, shared her thoughts about how the school came into existence, “the legendary actor and AISFM Founder Akkineni Nageswara Rao would have been proud to see you all here, especially with our current students covering the event on video. It was his dream to start a school. He had said, ‘It is not enough to create a place of work but a place to train and educate is needed’ and that is how this school started. He didn’t go to any film school but he learnt by working hard as a trainee, as an apprentice. He felt that most Indian youngsters could not have access to international film & media schools, hence he started AISFM right in Hyderabad, with international standards.”

Her words of advice for the students were, “Take the plunge into learning, be passionate and become a learner for life. Don’t forget to play, have fun and enjoy. Nobody succeeds if you do not enjoy. Make friends and build a network and create wonderful work together. Your critics will push you forward, take criticism constructively and positively, learn from them and grow with them. Learn to observe, silence the judge in you and observe. You will learn every aspect of film and media here. Technology is changing every day, so create your own unique niche and remember you are special. I believe that we have the future ANR, Christopher Nolan and Rajamouli amongst the students’ right here.”


Our Dean of Academics and Faculty, Direction & Screenwriting, Bala Rajasekharuni, addressing the students said, “Give your best in one area of your passion, then you will do good in other areas too. It is the time of meeting points of arts, education, commerce and technology. AISFM is a liberal arts school and its curriculum reflects the nature of the world today. The school is relevant to today’s times, because it has a unique structure of specializations, areas of passion and areas of technical expertise which is a craft for survival that gets ready jobs in the industry. Value interdisciplinary study in integrated phase of your degree, since today’s world is an integration of audio & visual media whether it is film, television, internet, or cell phones, all of them are at a meeting point, which demands multi-talented professionals.”

He further congratulated the parents who have allowed their children to pursue their passion and added, “To call ourselves an international school, it’s not enough to just have an international syllabus. AISFM is a true international school because; we have a global vision, and are building a strong international advisory board for all departments by the end of this year. Already three Hollywood experts are on board and many others are on their way in.”


Padma Ramesh, Faculty, Liberal Arts & Business Communications, spoke of the importance of short and long term goals, positive attitude, creative thinking, teamwork, commitment and briefed them about the rules and regulations of the school and urged them to be good brand ambassadors of the school.


Alumni Meher Kilaru and Preksha Trivedi spoke about their learnings at AISFM and how it made a difference in their lives. Meher, who is a student from the 1st batch, recollected his journey at the school and how Nagarjuna Akkineni called him to talk about marketing strategies for the movie Manam and how his words of advice of ‘Think big, what’s stopping you?’ still ring true to him in every aspect of life today. After working on Manam and Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu, he is now working with Radio Mirchi 98.3; he advised the students to “never lose the fire within to pursue your passion, never stop educating yourself and never lose the ability to watch a film as a common audience.” Preksha echoed the same thoughts and said, “I joined AISFM because I love movies and I had an opportunity to learn, what followed were two years of brilliant learning experience. So do everything you can and keep learning.”


The students were then addressed by our in-house counsellor Diana Monteiro, who spoke about parenting styles and how it is important for children to have hard experiences for a life education.

The event concluded with ice breaker group activities organized by Faculty Amit Prasad, Sai Gokul Ramnath and Dr. Vijaya Raghava with freshmen as the participants.  The impromptu skits were received by the crowd with laughs, cheers and applause.


Welcoming a new batch at AISFM


A new dawn, a new beginning, a new set of enthusiastic students ready to learn and grow here at AISFM. The AISFM Students Orientation 2016 was held at N Convention, Madhapur. AISFM Director Amala Akkineni gave the inaugural address and urged students to work hard and realize their dreams. Mr. Shobu Yarlagadda, film producer and the co-founder and CEO of Arka Mediaworks, a film production company known for its works exclusively in Telugu cinema, was the Guest of Honor. Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary, Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Government of Telangana, was the Chief Guest.

Welcoming the students into the folds of AISFM, Amala quoted our former President of India and renowned scientist ‘You have to dream before your dreams can come true’, and said “each one of you today have had a dream and you have taken a step towards that dream. And here at AISFM we have only one objective, to help your dreams come true, whether it is becoming the next generation screen writer, sound designer, editor, cinematographer or any revolutionary new age professional in film and media. We are here to support you. ”


Talking about how difficult it was earlier to get an entry in the film industry she said that it was either a privileged individual or a person who joined as an apprentice and spent decades learning about the profession on the job; later on these courses were available aboard and only those who could afford could have access. “Our founder Late. Akkineni Nageswara Rao brought together Annapurna Studios and Film and Media Education Society to start AISFM with a mission to be a global leader in media education, because he understood and recognized the need for this education,” said she sharing thoughts on how AISFM came into being and added, “Driven by collaborations with world-wide studios and an increasing global audience, there is no better time than now to be a part of this industry.”

AISFM Dean Bala Rajasekharuni said that traditionally a school is supposed to be a place of learning and realizing and pursuing your dreams, but the conventional education system, knowingly or unknowingly has done the opposite. There are passionate teachers and passionate students but there has not been until recently a platform to share the passionate subjects in school. “Your generation is blessed with a major shift in the educational world, that arts and media have occupied the center stage. Make a promise to them and you, that you will do beyond your best and realize the value of your foster parents, your teachers, here who will equally care for you and listen to them, so that all of us can facilitate a fantastic learning experience for you and you will go out and make AISFM proud.”


Shobu Yarlagadda, who has produced the path-breaking and brilliant movie Bahubali: The Beginning, which recorded the highest grossing Indian film within India, addressed the students and shared his thoughts on how important it is to give your best always. “You are definitely at the right place and at the right time. Everything is changing rapidly including the way we produce films. There are a lot of opportunities, a lot of possibilities being thrown up for all of you to express your creativity and find your place in this film and media world. I say you are at the right place because you have come to the this institute where I see that there is very committed management, experienced faculty and the unique thing is that is, that it is connected to one of the big studios in the country, which means that you will get a lot of exposure to practical work which will prepare you well for real-life scenarios,” he said. He added, “Nothing comes easy, you have to give it your best shot, that’s when you walk out a winner. Wish you success and make this institute proud.”

Jayesh Ranjan too echoed the same thoughts about students been at the right place and said, “You are very very lucky in some ways. There are millions of young people in the country today who have been denied such opportunities. The opportunity to reach this level of education, the opportunity to come to a world-class institution, to interact with the best in the profession is an opportunity that very few people get. So, let us use this opportunity to not just enrich your own self by learning new things, by excelling in your craft; but at this time in your life itself, start thinking of how you can contribute back to the society.”


Later alumnae of AISFM, Keerthika Rajaram, HR Manager, Firefly Creative Studios and Sasindhar Pushpalingam, who are realizing their dreams in their chosen fields shared their learning and how AISFM helped them get closer to their dream.

The orientation session continued with an ice-breaking session for the new students who had a good time getting to know each other, thanks to the activities. Parents of the students then interacted with the faculty and got to know about the school.

See the photos of the day here: http://bit.ly/29FGQKE

Watch the complete video of the interesting session right here:

Six Essential Steps to Choosing a Media MBA

mba media

Selecting a school for a media MBA presents some challenges that students of other MBA specializations don’t face.

Let’s say you want to apply for an MBA in finance, so you start researching schools. Easy – there are plenty of sites offering rankings of finance MBA courses… here is one, and here is another. There are also dozens of web forums where you can interact with students who are studying or have completed a finance MBA. You can ask them directly about their experiences and their college recommendations.

What what about a media MBA?

Yep, this is tougher. Both in India and around the world, media MBAs are a fairly new phenomena. There aren’t enough schools to create a meaningful ranking system and the courses haven’t been around long enough to generate lots of placement data.

In summary – you have to create your own ranking system for media MBA schools! Fear not – we offer you a simple, six-step process to research and rank your potential colleges.

1. Understand Your Career Goals

Media is an incredibly broad field. Film, TV, advertising, journalism, radio, music, events, PR, new media. The list goes on…..

If you have already decided that there is a specific area of media on which you want to focus, then this becomes a criteria for evaluating the curriculum of each school. How many subjects fall into your desired field, and how much importance is given to these subjects? Make sure that you get the complete subject list, with credit hours and a description of each subject.

Find out when the curriculum was last updated and the procedure for making changes. The industry changes fast, and a curriculum that has been fixed in stone for years risks becoming obsolete.

2. Meet the faculty

The faculty are the single most important factor in determining the quality of education.

Meet the faculty and get their perspective on the course. Tell them your career goals and see if they think that the course is right for you. Ask about their backgrounds – where did they study? Where have they worked? And most importantly – why do they choose to teach at this school?

Top MBA colleges will allow you to attend a class, so that you can see how the subjects are taught. Assess for yourself how interactive the teaching is. Is it a traditional (boring) lecture or does the school use modern, interactive teaching methods?

3. Speak To The staff

Meeting the school management is also important.

The student services head can fill you in on events at the school and how the school helps students who are struggling, either personally or academically – are there counseling facilities, for example?

The admissions head can talk about the school’s approach to selecting students and the operations head can tell you about security and safety on campus.

Schools change and develop over time. Does the management’s plan for the school for the next few years match your expectations for how a school should operate?

4. Discover Each School’s Unique Structure

Now it is time to consider how your course fits in to the school as a whole.

Firstly – how many students are in your course and how many students are in the school. There is no right or wrong here, it all comes down to personal preference.

A smaller school is more intimate. The faculty will know you on a personal level and it is easy to make friends with many different students. Your relationships with other students are stronger as you keep working on projects with the same people though out the course. Placements can also be customized to your preferences as there are fewer students to place. The downside (depending on your attitude) is that you will be held more accountable by faculty – in small classrooms there is nowhere to hide if you didn’t complete your readings or haven’t finished your assignment on time 🙂

A larger school can be more prestigious. Thousands of students = thousands of alumni and more word of mouth. There is a higher chance that your friends and family will know about the school. There is often more student life on campus as well, such as bigger festivals and more student clubs. Larger schools will often have more resources, like cafeterias, games rooms or sports grounds. The downside is anonymity. The faculty and management never get to know you personally and placement time sees huge numbers of students competing for a small number of jobs.

Secondly – what other courses does the school teach? Media MBA courses normally fit into one of two schools. Either a film school that also offers an MBA or an business school that also offers a specialization in media. In a film school, you become the ‘business’ person, surrounded by creative artists. In the MBA school, you become the creative one, surrounded by finance and HR types. Film schools will give you the chance to work on media production projects. Business schools will offer more traditional management events and competitions.

Which option sounds more exciting to you?

5. Evaluate Hands-on Production Opportunities

Media is all about production. You create things – a film, a TV show, a radio show, an animation, an event. The more practical your course – the more you actually get to make things – the better prepared for the industry you are. The projects will also give you a showreel.

Screening a short film to a potential employer and describing in detail your role as a Unit Production Manager will put you way ahead of students with only mark sheets and certificates to show.

In particular, look for schools that offer production experiences with schools in other countries. Media is an increasingly global industry and the contacts that you gain from exchange programs will make you more valuable to future employers.

6. Review The Placement Partners

Last but not least – with which companies does the school have placement relationships?

Employment in the media industry is driven by personal contacts. Few positions are publicly advertised, especially at entry level. HR managers work directly with selected schools and recruiters to source their next wave of talent. Think of the companies you would like to join and then check which schools have placement tie-ups.

Your Turn!

Shortlist the schools that you like and then follow the six step plan to create your own ranking format, giving preference to the parameters that are more important to you. Your ‘gut feel’ is also a real factor. You are going to spend two years at the campus, do you like the feel of the surroundings? Can you picture yourself studying at the school?

Once you have ranked the schools, it is time to start applying!



Top Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing in 2014 — B2C

Leslie Jenkins lists a few social media trends that will boost your campaign strategies this year. And don’t miss the cool infograph at the bottom that tells you all you need to know about digital marketing. [Read more…]

Weekend Filmmaking and Scriptwriting Courses Start Soon!

weekend filmmaking courses
Our weekend Fundamentals courses are unique in India, and cater to two types of students:

  • Those who are already working professionally and cannot attend classes on weekdays, but are passionate about cinema and wish to develop some technical skills.
  • Those who are tempted by a career in film and media but first wish to experiment with a short course.

This coming Saturday – March 23rd – we are launching new intakes for two of our courses: Fundamentals of Filmmaking and Fundamentals of Scriptwriting. For more details, or for application forms, please call 040-4914 1234 or email info@aisfm.edu.in.

Fundamentals of Filmmaking:

Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday for 6 weeks. This course teaches you how to make your own short films, from script to screen. Working in teams, you will write, pre-produce, shoot, edit and sound mix a short film. The aim of the course is to give you the skills to continue making short films after the course concludes.

Course fee: Rs.30,000 + tax

Click here for more information.

Fundamentals of Scriptwriting:

Classes are held on Saturday afternoons for 10 weeks. This course takes students through the stages of developing a more advanced script. Students learn formatting, character and plot development, structure and pacing. Each week, the students are assigned writing exercises to develop their skills.

Course fee: Rs.15,000 + tax

Click here for more information.

These courses are a unique way to develop your skills, have fun, and meet other cinema-obsessors 🙂

Please email us (info@aisfm.edu.in), call us (040 4914 1234), or stop by the admissions office for more information.

Hope to see some of you in class this weekend!

Admissions Closing for Master’s in Filmmaking: January Intake

Image [Kurt Inderbitzin with students]

We are very excited about the upcoming January intake for our MA (Film + Media) course. Not only do we have a great group of students joining us but we also have some major projects and partnerships that will start in the next few months.

First up, we have co-productions starting with some of the top international film schools. Delegations of students and faculty will be visiting AISFM over the next six months to work with our students to produce a range of fiction and non-fiction films. Watch out for more news on these partnerships in the near future.

Secondly, we will be beginning production tie-ups with some well-known Indian production houses. Yup, our master’s students will be working on real, commercial productions!

And finally, we have some more great placement partners coming on board. A real buzz is spreading in the industry about the quality of AISFM graduates and we are now receiving lots of enquiries from film and TV companies who are looking for staff.

MA (Film + Media) Course Details

The MA (Film + Media) is a two-year, government-recognized master’s program, accredited by Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad. Students complete a foundation first semester before selecting their specialization. Options may include Direction + Screenwriting, Cinematography or Editing + Sound.

Eligibility: 10+2+3 / graduation in any stream. Minimum marks apply.

Admission Procedure: email info@aisfm.edu.in or call 040 4914 1234 to request a brochure and application form. Submit the application materials. If shortlisted, you will be called for interviews at the campus.

Deadline: Admissions close December 31st 2012.

More details: Check out the website here http://www.aisfm.edu.in/academics/degree-programs/master-fine-arts-mfa-film-media

MBA – 2012 Admissions Closing Soon!


We are really excited about the upcoming launch of this course. We have put together an awesome double qualification that we think will really help students who are looking to build a management career in the media industry.

On completion of the two-year course, graduates will receive both these qualifications:

  • MBA (Media and Entertainment)
  • Post-Graduate Program (Film + Media Management)

What makes this course so special?

There are three aspects of this course that make it unique in India:

Firstly, it provides real, hands-on film production experience, including scriptwriting, direction, line production and editing.

Secondly, the business aspects of the course are deeply integrated with other AISFM courses and with the other activities of the school, such as our technology conference, our film festival and our film productions. Through these integrations, you will have the chance to plan marketing and distribution strategies for real productions and events.

And thirdly, we have designed the course after significant consultation with our Academic Advisory Board Members and with the media industry across India. These are the people who will be ultimately hiring our graduates, so we sought their feedback on the  skills and knowledge that they look for when considering candidates for management positions.

I want to join, when does the course start?

Admission interviews are almost over – students started applying as soon as we announced this course back in June – and we will be releasing offer letters to the selected students in the next week. The MBA classes will begin in the first week of October.

If you want to join this pioneer intake, you’ll need to move fast to book an interview slot.  Contact us on the details below.

There is so much more that we can tell you about this course!

If you want more details – you can visit the course page here on our website.

You can also email us at info@aisfm.edu.in and you can call 040 4914 1234 during business hours.

And, of course, you can drop into the campus and visit us in person. The 22-acre campus grounds are beautiful at the moment – the monsoon has brought all the gardens to life.

Feel free to put your questions in the comments below – maybe other people are wondering the same thing!

Our Most Requested Film Direction Course is Back. Admissions Now Open!

We constantly get requests for this one – our Intro to Direction for Film + TV program. The first three intakes were very successful; our students had a blast and many of them scored internships on film, TV and documentary productions.

Admissions are already open for the fourth intake and fifth intakes for the course. If you are interested, get in touch quickly – these intakes have very limited seats!

  • The fourth intake starts 24th September 2012 (many seats already gone)
  • The fifth intake starts November 2012 (we will start releasing offer letters by the end of September)

What is so special about this course?

Here is how we describe the course to people that we share elevators with:

“In 10 weeks of intensive study and practical exercises, we will teach you the essential skills you need to be a great assistant director for films, TV, documentaries and ad films. Additionally, we will introduce you to direction theory and develop your ability to critically appreciate the best cinema from around the world.”

We have also made a crucial change to this course from the previous intakes. We are changing the class time from 10am-5pm to a new time: 1pm-7pm, Monday to Friday.

If you are already enrolled in another course of study, this means you can attend your other classes in the morning, and complete your film direction classes in the afternoon. Similarly if you are running your own business or working part-time, we help you to fulfill your dreams while balancing your other commitments.

If you are not studying or working elsewhere, you can now spend the morning session working on your projects, watching films, and reading your way through our book library.

Is 10 Weeks Enough?

Here is the number one FAQ we hear: “It’s a 10 week course, can you really learn enough in just 10 weeks?”

Well, the answer depends on what you want to learn.

If you really want to immerse yourself in filmmaking, study to advanced levels and make lots of projects. Then, no, you can’t learn that much. You should be looking at our master’s or bachelor’s degrees.

Ok, so who is this course for?

Most students in this course fit into one of these two categories:

  1. You are interested in film and media, love watching films, have possibly tried writing a few stories, and have maybe even shot a short film or two. You are still not sure whether this is the right career for you and whether you want to commit to 2-4 years of study. This course gives you a chance to ‘dip your toe in the water’. If you successfully complete the 10-week course and love every minute of it, then you can look at a degree program next (and we might be able to give you advanced credit in some subjects or a scholarship!)
  2.  Due to personal constraints (time, financial, familial) it is not possible to enroll in a degree course, but you don’t want to give up on your dream of working in the media industry. This course will give you the basic skill set of an assistant director, so that you can start working after the course. This allows you to jump into the industry quickly and think about the rest of the learning later.

I want to know more!

That great, and we are here to help. You can visit the course page on our website here. You can email us at info@aisfm.edu.in or you can call us at 040 4914 1234.

You can also visit the campus and meet with the admissions team. We’d love to show you around the studio so you can get a feel for the campus environment.

What do students say about AISFM?

“At AISFM, students enjoy the benefit of “learning by doing”. I didn’t find this in any other film school” – Dheeraj

“I was really impressed with the course content,  campus and production facilities and of course the very vision of the Akkineni family behind opening the film school” – Gaurav

What does the industry say?

“AISFM is providing a platform for aspiring film makers and there is no better place to learn filmmaking than a film school of international standards in a world class film studio”. Sreenu Vytla, film director


“AISFM is need of the hour. I wish students would make best use of this world class establishment to fulfill their dream of making it big in this creative field” – Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi, film director


“Visiting AISFM is one of the most lively experiences I have ever had. The school is extremely well organized, pitching upto international standards, with enthusiastic students. I hope the school grows boundless as a great academy in motion picture arts”. –  Dev Kata, director



Film School Student Feedback: Aviral Mathur – BFA (Film + Media)

My Journey to AISFM – India’s Best Film School!

After clearing my twelfth board examination successfully my family and I started thinking over my college. From the very beginning, I dreamt of going to a place where I could get a chance to enhance my passion of music as a profession.

At the time of applying for various colleges, I got to know about a film institute which was introducing a film and media degree course for the first time in India for students who have completed their schooling, I then got super excited about this course because making films and going into the technical field of media had always been my passion. I always had an inclination towards music designing.

The film school that I came to know about is Annapurna International School of Film and Media, Hyderabad, also known as AISFM.

I then quickly applied for this course because I wanted to follow my dreams.

For getting admitted in this course a student has to clear two rounds. The first round is through statement of purpose (SOP) and the second being the interviews. I wrote my statement of purpose from my heart and at the same point remembering that I wanted to go to that institute so that I can make a difference one day.

So after some days of wait, finally I got a call from AISFM saying “Congratulations your SOP has been selected and you are through to the second round, which is interview”. Now, for that I had to go down to Hyderabad. This wasn’t easy for me so I prepared myself well so that I could clear the Interviews and get an offer.

Finally, the day arrived and my interviews went very well though I was a bit nervous. In a few days I got a call from AISFM saying that I was selected for the course, that was the moment of joy for me, I was so happy that I started dreaming all day and all night just about this course.

The Dream turns into Reality

So now finally I am here at AISFM in Hyderabad!

I would also like to bring to light our student orientation that was organised for us by the institute. According to me it was a great orientation programme and experience for me. My parents are really happy that the college follows a strict guideline and disciplined lifestyle for their students.

The first day of orientation was an interactive session, which was featured AISFM president Mr. Nagarjuna and was moderated by AISFM CEO Kurt Inderbitzin. It was a very interesting session as they shared their experiences with us.

After that we were taken to our respective classrooms and where given information regarding do’s and don’ts in the college. Then we were given some activities and tasks, which were very interactive.

Then it was time for lunch at the Rich House, which is a set that was made for a movie and is now the AISFM cafeteria!

In the evening we had a treasure hunt, which I am sure everyone will remember throughout his or her AISFM journey. It was just like the Amazing Race TV show. We were divided into five groups and were given different clues that send us to different locations and people around the huge campus. This was truly a team exercise, which helped me making new friends.

On the second day we were given very important information by the CEO Kurt Inderbitzin and AISFM institute advisor Nishi Levitt. It was a pleasure to learn things from them. AISFM IT department team than gave us information regarding our college facilities and how to use them.

In evening went for a city tour, which we all enjoyed a lot. We went to different places like malls, relaxing points for filmmakers and many more.

I am so happy with the faculty as they are very friendly and they really take interest in what the students do. I believe that here at AISFM I will be able to turn my aspirations into reality. So with this I look forward to a wonderful and a happy journey at AISFM.