AISFM launches unique ACTING PROGRAM


Actor training methods from the West, however popular they are, Indian film industry always wonders if those techniques can be applicable to Indian commercial cinema. Because, extremely subtle expression, though ‘sophisticated’ in the eyes of the elite audiences, an element of ‘pushing the envelope’ … [Read more...]

AISFM Inaugural Session 2017, A Great Start!

Bright smiles and eager faces of our new set of students said it all! The AISFM Inaugural Session of 2017 welcoming the students and their families into the AISFM fold, was celebrated at N Convention Hall. The session started off with a flourish with a montage of all the nine Grad Films of our … [Read more...]

Welcoming a new batch at AISFM

A new dawn, a new beginning, a new set of enthusiastic students ready to learn and grow here at AISFM. The AISFM Students Orientation 2016 was held at N Convention, Madhapur. AISFM Director Amala Akkineni gave the inaugural address and urged students to work hard and realize their dreams. Mr. Shobu … [Read more...]

Six Essential Steps to Choosing a Media MBA

mba media

Selecting a school for a media MBA presents some challenges that students of other MBA specializations don't face. Let's say you want to apply for an MBA in finance, so you start researching schools. Easy - there are plenty of sites offering rankings of finance MBA courses… here is one, and here … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing in 2014 — B2C

Leslie Jenkins lists a few social media trends that will boost your campaign strategies this year. And don't miss the cool infograph at the bottom that tells you all you need to know about digital marketing. … [Read more...]

Weekend Filmmaking and Scriptwriting Courses Start Soon!

Our weekend Fundamentals courses are unique in India, and cater to two types of students: Those who are already working professionally and cannot attend classes on weekdays, but are passionate about cinema and wish to develop some technical skills. Those who are tempted by a career in film and … [Read more...]

Admissions Closing for Master’s in Filmmaking: January Intake

We are very excited about the upcoming January intake for our MA (Film + Media) course. Not only do we have a great group of students joining us but we also have some major projects and partnerships that will start in the next few months. First up, we have co-productions starting with some of the … [Read more...]

MBA – 2012 Admissions Closing Soon!

  We are really excited about the upcoming launch of this course. We have put together an awesome double qualification that we think will really help students who are looking to build a management career in the media industry. On completion of the two-year course, graduates will receive … [Read more...]

Our Most Requested Film Direction Course is Back. Admissions Now Open!

We constantly get requests for this one – our Intro to Direction for Film + TV program. The first three intakes were very successful; our students had a blast and many of them scored internships on film, TV and documentary productions. Admissions are already open for the fourth intake and fifth … [Read more...]

Film School Student Feedback: Aviral Mathur – BFA (Film + Media)

My Journey to AISFM - India's Best Film School! After clearing my twelfth board examination successfully my family and I started thinking over my college. From the very beginning, I dreamt of going to a place where I could get a chance to enhance my passion of music as a profession. At the time … [Read more...]