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Our FB page is going great guns!

We got 350 loyal supporters in the first month alone.

Our goal is to develop the page into a regular destination for movie buffs, with lots of info and daily updates on Indian and International cinema. With more and more people joining, it can only get better!

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Our First TV Commercial!

Two days, eight ads, three languages!ISFM TV ad

In two days, we shot a series of eight commercials, seven of them in three different languages using tri-lingual actors.

A number of TV channels have generously donated ad time to the school to help us promote our courses and fundraising efforts. In order to ensure the school had some great content to fill these slots, a group of filmmakers came together this month to help us produce our first set of TV commercials.

The shoot was a great experience, with the writing, directing, and even some acting roles being filled by the staff and managers from the school.

We would like to give two servings of extra-special thanks:

      • Mr Gopal Reddy, one of South India’s top cinematographers, who not only filmed the commercials for us, but also allowed us to use his house as a location
      • Maa TV, for lending us two cameras and a truckload of lights.

Faculty Training

We don’t believe in boring lectures!

AISFM uses a unique teaching methodology – every class here is objective-based and is designed in advance to be interactive and engaging and fun. This sort of pedagogy doesn’t happen on its own; we operate an ongoing faculty training program for all of our teachers.

Our short course faculty, sourced from across the Indian and International film industries, have just completed their first faculty training seminar.

This four-day course, conducted by internal and external trainers, covered curriculum and lesson design, presentation skills and the importance of using feedback from students and other teachers as a tool for improvement.

New Academic Advisors!

Maniratnam and Kamal Hassan have joined AISFM as Academic Advisors for our Direction and Acting courses, respectively.

They will be providing guidance into our curriculum, recommending guest

faculty and possibly taking classes when they visit Hyderabad.

Maniratnam has won multiple National Film Awards, nine Filmfare Awards and twelve international film festival awards. He has been nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Kamal Hassan has acted in more than 160 films and has won more National Awards and Filmfare awards than any other Indian actor. In addition to his acting career, he holds credits as a scriptwriter, songwriter, producer, director and singer.

Needless to say, we are incredibly grateful for the involvement of these two legends of Indian cinema!

Prakash Raj to head acting at AISFM

Prakash Raj as Course Coordinator for Acting course!!

In other exciting news, Prakash Raj will be the course coordinator for the Acting for Film & TV course at AISFM!

Prakash has acted in more than 150 feature films and won four national awards, five Filmfare South awards, and six other awards for his work in Telegu and Tamil cinema. He is one of India’s most respected actors and will be a valuable addition to the AISFM team.

Prakash will be designing the acting curriculum, recommending faculty, and teaching some of the classes personally.

We are very excited to have Prakash Raj on board!

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AISFM loves its supporters

We offer a huge thank you to the prestigious Nimmagadda Foundation for its generous contribution of Rs.1 Crore to our endowment fund.

Mr Nimmagadda Prasad, the chairman of Maa Tv, has a long history of philanthropic endeavors.  This donation will provide many scholarships to talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Additionally this last month, our CEO donated more than 200 books and DVD’s to kick-start our library collection!  Please help us continue to grow our library collection. We are sure that many of you have cupboards creaking from the weight of old DVDs and books that you always think you are going to watch or read, but somehow never get around to. Well, our students would love to have access to these materials.

Our goal is to eventually build the largest film library in the country.

Please contact our fundraising head if you can help us out in any aspect of our fundraising activities.