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Here’s How to Use Hashtags!


More than a thousand words have been added to the dictionary last year alone and thousands more have been added over the past few decades, all thanks to social media; but few are as popular, widely used and accepted as the ‘hashtag’.

It has existed for a long time earlier too and was known simply as the ‘pound’ (#) symbol. Yup, the one you use in some online transactions. While initially, hashtags were made popular by Twitter, they are everywhere now and are used on major social networks, including Facebook and Instagram.

Let us explore what a hashtag really is, what makes them so immensely great, and of course how they work on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and how you should use them!


What is a ‘hashtag’?
A hashtag is simply a keyword phrase, spelled out without spaces, with a pound sign (#) in front of it. For example, #ThrowbackThursday or #LyricalWednesday are both hashtags. You can use these hashtags anywhere and everywhere in your social media posts; in the beginning, anywhere in between or at the end.

What does a ‘hashtag’ do?
Well, it’s plain and simple. The way the backend of each social platform works is that these hashtags tie conversations from all different users into one single stream and which are easily accessible when you search for a hashtag, clicking on one, or by using a third-party monitoring tool. The post has to be public in order for it to appear in anyone’s search.


What makes hashtags so great?
In 2007 hashtags were a brand new concept and what makes it still great is that the ‘channel’ concept of hashtags satisfies many of the things group discussions do. They are easily accessible with the syntax on social media networks, easy to learn, flexible and work with user behaviours and work on phones (unlike the star key).

The hashtag continues to thrive and are a great way for anyone to make their posts visible and at the same time increase engagement while connecting posts and images together. The important thing is to use hashtags carefully and only when you think they add value. If you use them too much they can be confusing.

So, how many is too many? How long should they be? Where should you use them? And perhaps most importantly, why should you use them? Read on and learn more about how to use them on three different platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


How it works on Twitter
A hashtag here helps tie up the conversations of any number of different users into one stream. Even if users who are not connected to one another, talk about the same topic using a specific hashtag then their tweets will appear in the same stream.

How to use hashtags on Twitter
Whether you want to start a new conversation or get involved in an existing one, use a hashtag and publish the tweet from a public account that includes the hashtag.

How to find hashtags on Twitter
If you know the hashtag you want to search for, there are four main ways to search for it; a simple search, an advanced search, monitoring using a third-party tool or by simply typing it directly into the URL.


How do hashtags work on Facebook
Similar to the Twitter platform, a Facebook hashtag ties the conversations of different users into one stream. The only difference here is that unlike Twitter and Instagram, where many people have public accounts and their posts can be seen by anyone, most Facebook posts and accounts are private. If the posts are private then even if individuals are using hashtags, they are not searchable.

How to use hashtags on Facebook
All you have to do is publish a Facebook post to your page or timeline that includes the hashtag. But before that be sure that your post is public if you want people other than your Facebook friends to find it. To make a Facebook post public, click on the button to the right of ‘Post’ and choose ‘Public’ from the dropdown menu and once you publish the post, the hashtag becomes a clickable link, which leads to the hashtag page.

How to find hashtags on Facebook
If you already know the hashtag you want to search for, there are two main ways to search for it; a simple search or by typing it directly into the URL.


How hashtags work on Instagram
An Instagram hashtag also ties the conversations of different users into one stream, just like Twitter and Facebook. If Instagram users who are not otherwise connected to one another talk about the same topic using a specific hashtag, their posts will appear in the same stream.

How to use hashtags on Instagram
If you want to get involved in the conversation or start your own, use a hashtag and publish it from a public account that includes the hashtag.

How to find hashtags on Instagram
The only way to search for a hashtag is through a simple search. You can do a simple search and toggle your results by ‘Tags’.

Did you know? While hashtags did not actually get popular (with the help of Twitter) until after 2007, they were actually first used during the late 90s to categorize items into groups on IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

The Birth and Rise of Snapchat – A Player in the Big League!


Possibility is, you have heard of Snapchat by now. In fact, you may be even the loyal “Snap-chatter” using it! Snapchat started out as a Social Tool catering to a high school goers dream when it comes to privately sending photos not meant for everyone else, solely meant for private sharing. In the world of digital viewing and social media, there is a constant entry of programs with new concepts and ideas being put online. Making one that sticks is the tricky part. The social world that is dominated by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram makes it tough for other applications to cut through the clutter and claim it’s spot as a social media success.

Snapchat is a simple Photo/Video messaging app. It does allow us to send a variety of photos and videos to specific people, or to anyone who is on our list. What gives an edge to it as an app? Those pictures and videos disappear after 24 hours – gone! Or even 10 seconds. Try to take a screenshot of it, the other side will get a notification. The entire concept of Snapchat revolves around, to showcase life as it happens. While there are no ‘like’ and ‘heart’ buttons involved, you can keep a track on how many people have viewed your ‘Snap Stories’ every day; they can reply back just the same way.

Snapchat initially gained popularity with a younger crowd. High school goers and college students brought the app to the limelight. Snapchat in the later years has stepped out of its shadows of being misused by the kids and has now become innovative, effective and an exciting social media tool for people and also a business tool for businesses likewise. Having over 7 billion video views every single day, it’s no wonder why you have not only heard of Snapchat, but why so many businesses want to know, what it’s all about.


Social-Demographics_snapchat (1)

When discussing companies that embrace the opportunity that Snapchat offers with communication, Taco Bell quickly recognized the potential of Snapchat, as it could offer a more exclusive experience than platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It was one of the first companies to begin Snapchat as a tool in reaching its target audience. Over 71% Snapchat users are between the ages of 18-34, where only 16 % of the same groups use Facebook on a regular basis.

Another USP that Snapchat offers is, the content that an individual posts becomes extremely valuable. Compared to other social media platforms where users are scrolling through feeds and not absorbing all the content that is being displayed, Snapchat on the other hand, forces users to pay attention, as the photo/video is gone for good. If the aim is to stick a product or an idea in the consumer’s mind, Snapchat flawlessly paves a new way to do so.

Snapchat is the perfect outlet for a business to really spread its wings, creatively, and will probably end up being one of your favorite apps if you use it properly. The trick is all about adjusting your Snapchat stories to fit your business, and plenty of global businesses are jumping on board, believing in the potential of Snapchat and the reach it has to offer. The featured section of Snapchat offers the content from these global businesses sending out their content using Snapchat on a daily basis viewed by billions. Some of the names of these global businesses are seen in the featured section are as follows:


  • MTV
  • b/r
  • CNN
  • Food
  • Refinery29
  • Comedy Central
  • Daily Mail
  • Brother
  • Tastemade
  • Mashable
  • BuzzFeed
  • National Geographic
  • People
  • Cosmopolitan

Even global events all over the world happening at the time, are in view for everybody using Snapchat. As a combination of all the stories taken of the event are merged into one, for an intimate viewing experience for the app user.

Snapchat: Evolution with Technology

Introduction of Augmented Reality: One of the most innovative features that Snapchat cleverly introduces in its functioning is the camera filter’s combination with a number of filters changing the current picture in a witty way. Snapchat has made augmented reality an everyday part of Snapping.

Hold your thumb on the Snapchat camera. It scans your face. Next, just a right swipe of your finger and keep scrolling to see the variety of filters Snapchat has in store for you. For videos, they have a couple of good features to play with the edit; the slow-motion, the fast-forward and the reverses are other “cool” bunch of features, the application offers.

With even voice changing features, it gives an added effect to the picture consisting of Augmented Reality. It’s fun, succeeds in giving a laugh and if done too much get’s irritating. But nonetheless, this feature works in favor of Snapchat and is in room for further advancement in the coming year.

1-gLtfQu1-6BZ23ZXTgx3PIQ (2)

According to the recent updates in 2017, Snapchat has close to 150 million daily active users. IPO with a valuation of 20 billion, Snap Inc. is making it hard for the other platforms to keep up. Facebook has been trying hard to keep up with the rise, looking to introduce face-filters for its photos. Instagram now has Stories. To keep up, even WhatsApp might have the Stories feature soon. Snapchat is a perfect example of a journey that got what it deserved by playing all their cards right. Snapchat will be remembered for a revolution; it has evolved and will evolve extensively, in the coming future.

Gone in 60 seconds!

Have  you ever wondered what goes on in the world wide web in one single minute?! Did you know that more than 400,000 tweets are sent on the internet and more than 300 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every 60 seconds? Whoa! If you think that is a lot, then read on to find out more interesting facts.

Gone in 60 seconds!

The internet has become huge, gigantic, humungous and whatever you may want to call it; as you will see in this infographic covering the latest statistics on things that happen on the internet every 60 seconds! A minute might not seem like much in the life of the Internet, but this infographic busts that myth and shows you just how much happens in just 60 seconds.


Before we head into the facts and figures, here a little brief about the Internet itself. It has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing ever before. But did you know that the Internet today is a widespread information infrastructure, the initial prototype of what is often called the National (or Global or Galactic) Information Infrastructure? Did you know that the first recorded description of the social interactions that could be enabled through networking was a series of memos written by J.C.R. Licklider of MIT in August 1962 discussing his ‘Galactic Network’ concept. He envisioned a globally interconnected set of computers through which everyone could quickly access data and programs from any site. In spirit, the concept was very much like the Internet of today. Hmmm, interesting, isn’t it?!


Infographic courtesy: GO-Globe Web Design Company

In roughly about the time that it will take you to read this blog post there, this is what would have happened, is happening and will happen on the internet every 60 seconds!

  • More than 2,315,000 searches on Google
  • 3,125,000 likes and 243,055 new photos are uploaded on Facebook
  • More than 3,000,000 items are shared on Facebook
  • Around 56,000 photos uploaded on Instagram
  • More than 430,000 tweets sent on Twitter
  • More than 2,700,000 video views and 139,000 hours of video watched on YouTube
  • More than 300 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube
  • More than 280,000 snaps sent on Snapchat
  • 44,000,000 messages processed, 486,000 photos and 70,000 video messages shared on WhatsApp
  • 9,800 articles pinned on Pinterest
  • More than 195,000 minutes of audio chatting on WeChat, More than 21,000,000 messages sent on WeChat
  • More than 100 new domains registered
  • More than 95,000 apps downloaded on Android
  • More than 48,000 apps downloaded on iPhone
  • More than 140 submissions on Reddit
  • More than 18,000 matches made and 972,000 daily swipes on Tinder
  • More than 69,500 hours of video watched on Netflix
  • 26 new reviews posted on Yelp
  • 120 new accounts opened on LinkedIn
  • More than 39,300 hours of music listened on Spotify
  • 14 new songs added on Spotify

Here’s the best for the last……….an unbelievable, astounding, enormous 150,000,000 emails are sent every minute!!!!!

New-age career options

New generation, new choices, new gadgets, new learnings and new career options. What was amiss until a decade ago or what didn’t even exist until recently is now the latest and newest career options for this generation’s young and charged individuals who are gung-ho about anything that catches their attention.

Something that has changed the world drastically was the internet and now is the social media; adding a whole new world of possibilities and jobs. These modern jobs have now spread and become a part of the upcoming trend in the job market. What’s more, these top-tier careers offer great salaries, low stress and great job growth!

Here is a mix of some of the newest, popular and trending career options; the world has to offer, right now.


App developers
Who doesn’t own a smart phone nowadays, forget the regular one? Everyone! Considering the surge, mobile revolution is huge and the wave of app development with innovative and creative ideas is on the rise. App development companies now exist within the country and so do talented and quality app developers, churning out the newest of ideas, oops app!


Web creative writers
This is one profession that has the highest potential to reach the highest exposure and wider audience. The best part, it need not be within the confines of an office. There are people who work from home for this, people who freelance and people who regularly go to work, for putting their wordsmith skills to the task. All one needs to do is write well and the world is but a virtual one here!


Wedding photographers
Weddings have, are and always will be the most extravagant, eye-catching and memorable affair in the country. Gone are the days, when the guests wished the couple and stared blankly into oblivion while the photographer stoically took the photos. It’s now the age of candid wedding photography, theme wedding photography; you name it and you have it.

You have an opinion, you share it and get paid for it. Many companies, especially the online ones, pay people to review restaurants, hotels, gadgets and other things. Because it makes a difference in their online rating and because people like to check the reviews of anything before they buy, eat or indulge themselves. 


Social media handlers
The virtual arena of the internet is yours as much as you can take and social media has the biggest and brightest chunk of it all. The most trending, happening, attention-grabbing things, all happen to be in the social media sphere. Everyone who wants to be someone or someone who wants to let everyone know are on social media. This growing popularity has led to the rise of social media handlers who are in high demand for marketing products, companies and much more in the digital space.


Digital marketers
Digital marketing is another area that is fast emerging as one of the popular options in the age of the modern corporate era. It helps companies stay ahead and above the rest by utilizing the commercial perspective of modern digital media. Borrowing a lot from the functions of traditional marketing, this platform continues its upward trend. With more and more companies shifting their focus to digital marketing strategies, there is lots of scope in this industry.


Ethical hackers
Ethical hackers do it the right way, legally too. They are paid to hack company accounts legally so that the organisations can identify the flaws in their systems and take necessary and adequate measures to rectify them. Ethical hacking or internet security is a job for those who love to spend hours on computers and have a penchant for software.


Website designers
The whole wide world now exists in the web, too! Everything is taking a digital form and practically everyone wants their presence on it. That’s where web designers come into the picture, creating the perfect ‘space’ for the customer depending on their needs and of course the price!


It’s one of the latest and most popular, erstwhile hobbies, jobs on the corner that is growing. It is a hobby no more, it is now officially a full-fledged career option and the next big thing in India too. Not just restricted to popular topics like food and travel, it can be about anything you think should be out there in the blogosphere. All it needs is originality, ingenuity, creativity and of course credibility. That’s the power of the written word!

Image consultants
Image consultants do everything they can to keep the image the way it is supposed to be. They work for people in the show business and offer guidance in everything to make the public image absolutely spotless. You need to have a knack for the finery of life to take up this as a career path.

Stand-up comedians
This one’s for the comedian in you, albeit the great one and a professional one at that! No pun intended! These professionals are not just tickling senses and offering a hearty laugh with their witty jokes but are also pocketing good money. Although at a nascent stage, they do have their share of audience. Who doesn’t want a good share of laughter?! 


Graphic designers
This one is a classic example of combining art and technology perfectly! This art and creativity job has found popularity among job seekers since graphics today are a part of practically everything we see, buy or sell, be it a commercial advertisement or buying a product.

So, these new-age careers may not come with set guidelines but they definitely have the perks and added advantages of independence and job satisfaction. So, identify your passion and hit the road less travelled!

Latest new media trends!

Here’s our list of 8 new media trends that are posed to impact consumers in the New Year!

All brands are media companies
Remember, every single brand is a media company. RedBull is a great example of this. They are giving the media a run for their money with the content they produce. Singer Beyoncé using social media to release her new album can also be taken as an example. Growing your brand with great content is the most valuable thing you can do for your customers, hence keep this as a top priority.

The Internet of everything
From ‘wearables’ like Google Glass to internet enabled home automation devices like Nest, internet connected devices are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. Wearable internet devices are also becoming more fashionable. This makes it clear how important it is for one to stay connected using the internet.

The currency of connections
Your network and the influence you have is very valuable. Brands are beginning to recognize this. American Airlines lets those with high ‘Klout’ scores in their airport clubs for free. Ceasar’s Palace (Nevada) revamped their loyalty program to include gaining points from tweeting, that you can cash in at one of their restaurants.

Social selling
Many start-ups are currently using social selling for increasing their brand value. ‘Stella & Dot’ have thousands of “stylists” that are not paid, but can go out and sell products on their own through their personal networks. ‘LiketoKnowIt’ enables your Instagram followers to shop your products; and many other apps and plugins exist to enable commerce within social platforms.

JOMO (joy of missing out) over FOMO (fear of missing out)
JOMO means checking out of social networks and actually living life. Tools that help you do this include ‘RunPee’. This app tells you the best time to leave during a movie to go to the bathroom. ‘RescueTime’ gives you a breakdown of your day to see where you’re wasting time and when you are being the most productive. Apart from these, there is also ‘Anti-Social’, an app that shuts down access to social networks when opened. What’s best? There’s no way to turn it off, unless you completely close the app and deny background refresh!

Visuals take centrestage
Images are proven to be more effective and known to inspire significantly greater engagement on social content. Getty has released 35 million images for free, Dunkin Donuts uses images to celebrate their fans, Ben & Jerry’s uses imagery extensively in all their social content and Pinterest enables people to become experts or at least attract a huge following through circulation of visual content.

Mobile for saving time
Mobile apps are increasingly focusing on saving us time. An upcoming ‘Starbucks’ app will let you pre-order your coffee so that your coffee is ready as soon as you arrive. Companies are making it easy to pre-order or pay on your mobile device rather than going through a teller at their respective store. ‘Apple Store Quick Scan’ is one such example. Hence, think of ways you can create tools to make it easier for customers to do what they want to do, in the shortest time possible.

Likes for motivation
People are relying on technology for feedback and motivation more than ever before. The ‘Alarm Clock’ app donates money to charity every time you hit the snooze button. ‘Nike Plus’ notifies your social networks that you’re going for a run and when anyone likes your update, the app plays applause. Likewise, ‘Gym Shamer’ posts on the same when you don’t go to the gym.


6 Apps that will help keep your New Year’s resolutions

banner (1)
There is always so much hype around New Year resolutions each year. Sadly, old habits die hard and we are back to our usual self by summer, sometimes even by spring. It is not very easy to keeping those pesky resolutions, and this is where your smartphone comes in and saves the day! Here are a few apps that will help you keep your New Year resolutions, this year!

1. Learning A New Language:

It’s never too late to learn a new language. Each year about 48% of the population of the world makes up their mind to learn a new language. This year, keep up with your resolution with Duolingo. This app offers a 9 lesson course, which is easy to understand, concentrating on the area you want to improve/learn, be it reading, speaking or comprehension.
Platforms: iOS, Android

2. Save Money:

Stop wondering where your money goes and plan for your financial future with Mvelopes. This app uses the concept of “spending envelopes” to track your spending and create a plan for your income. To make your life as easy as possible, it syncs with your bank securely and seamlessly. Oh, and once you’re set up, you can see in just seconds the funds you have left in each virtual envelope for your customized budget categories.
Platforms: iOS, Android

3. Get In Shape:

Always wanted a personal trainer on hand every time you hit the gym? The Nike+ Training Club app now makes this possible. It provides a bunch of detailed workouts from trainers and athletes across the globe. Set your fitness goals, and this app will make sure you achieve them!
Platforms: iOS, Android

4. Read More:

Remember what it’s like to spend all day curled up with a good book? Me neither! But I still need to—and want to—keep up with my reading. That’s where an app like ReadMe! can be a lifesaver. The app’s colorized streaming text reduces the amount you have to move your eyes so you can read more quickly. You can amp up the speed if you’re really in a hurry, or slow it down if you want a more relaxing experience.
Platforms: iOS, Android

5. To Stop Hoarding:

Do you have a hard time letting go of the things lying in your closet or around your house? Fear no more, because now you have Poshmark, an app that will help you clean out and upgrade your closet. It simply connects fashion conscious buyers and sellers so that they are able to de-clutter and upgrade their closets!
Platforms: iOS, Android

6. Live Better:

If you have all of the resolutions mentioned above as your New Year resolutions, fear no more. We have an app for you! Coach.me lets you set goals in a number of categories like eating better, practicing a skill, getting in shape and so on. The app lets you set your targets and connects you with a coach and other users on the platform, so that you are definitely staying on track.
Platforms: iOS, Android

Indispensable apps for students

Every single penny counts when you are a college student. You are on a budget but you also need the right study tools and apps to help you learn and get through your courses. In today’s day and age, there are a lot of apps that help ease the studying process and make it fun to learn. We have compiled a quick list of some apps that can help with studies.

Exam Vocabulary Builder
This app improves English vocabulary, whether for college entrance exams, professional advancement or for language proficiency. It uses a method called ‘spaced repetition’ to help with retention and also has search and organize features along with several modes like Study, Flashcard, and Quiz.

Dragon Dictation
If you are too tired from flipping through print books, just start talking into Dragon Dictation and it will convert everything for you digitally, which you can paste into other apps, send as an email message, or save it for later. You can use Dragon Dictation for text messages as well. Note: iOS only.

Smart Flashcards
Brainscape has a number of flashcard style apps for iOS, one of them is “Brainscape – Smart Flashcards”. You can create your own flashcard sets or download online and it has both free and paid content. It is easy to use and create flashcard sets. It also has the the Flashcards/ Flashcardlet app which can access content created with the main Brainscape app.

Quizlet is a general study tool that boasts millions of flashcard study sets for various topics, and is created by student users. If you are not able to find the subjects you’re looking for in such a large collection, you can make your own. It also lets you use images and audio in your flashcard sets, which adds variety to the learning process.

This app helps you take notes and combines bookmarking, composing, clipping and more and can be used for to do lists. Evernote is available on multiple platforms, is usable in Web browser and mobile apps and comes with Web browser plugins/ addons, and the best part is that, it’s free.

A great app for students is Timeful (iOS), an app that acts as a calendar and to-do list, allowing you to keep your entire schedule in just one place. It uses intelligent code to gather information on the user’s habits and regular routines in order to suggest the best possible times to schedule new jobs and other chores.


Tap That App! 5 Must-have Apps for an aspiring PR Professional!


In the fast-paced line of PR communications, success depends largely on us moving with the ever-changing technology. We bring you five apps that bring PR into your pocket! Check them out…

  1. News Runner – It is called the Twitter of the ‘news world’. NewsRunner is the world’s first audio newsreader, which has the latest headlines ready for you, whenever you need them. It claims to be “the best thing to happen to news, after news itself.”
  2. Marketing 101 – This app helps you learn from marketing experts, the tips and tricks of this trade. With HD tutorials, articles by experts, hand-written articles by lawyers and options to download and print, this app will surely give your brand the boost that it needs.
  3. Flipboard – Visually appealing, Flipboard is a news aggregator that gives you the feel of flipping through a magazine. It curates content based on your selected interests allowing you to browse handpicked articles. You can also build your own personal magazines, and can even add your social network feeds including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  4. The Facebook Pages Manager– Social media apps are an obvious necessity for PR professionals. The Facebook Pages Manager app helps you keep a constant connection with your audience, which is important for managing any crisis or opportune any moment. It also allows you to post new updates and photos, respond to comments and view or reply to private messages.
    fb page manager
  5. Pulse – In order to get hits, you need to know which issues are currently trending within your industry or target market.  The Pulse app puts all of your favourite blogs, magazines, social networks and newspapers in one place, that too for free! This is great for tracking emerging news stories, and also for sharing them with your audience via the app’s Facebook and Twitter integration.
    pulseHope you liked this article, please share it if you did! Comment below and let us know what you thought of it.