AISFM Film Fest Showcases Students’ Splendid Work


It’s that time of the year again, when Annapurna International School of Film and Media (AISFM) is ready to proudly present to the world, the brilliant work of their graduating students. A festival of films in the truest sense of the word, the films were shown to an eager audience that comprised of celebrities, students, friends & families, at its preview theatre over a period of two days.

The two-day festival opened with the premiere of films made by graduating final year students of BFA, MA & MMBA degrees and the films dealt with nine diversely entertaining and thought provoking topics.

It was definitely a celebration time for all the students since it was the finale of their years of hard work. Behind the arduous and fascinating process of filmmaking were various phases like selection of stories by a faculty committee, meticulous screenwriting, production planning, shooting, post-production work with the support and guidance of their dedicated faculty.


Films by Bachelors students included “The White Field” by Karthik Parmar, “Nitya” by Abhimanyu Kumar, “Maut ka Kuan” by Prithvi Chahal and “Understanding Moksha” by Sameer Kumar.

The films by Masters Students comprised of “Preme Madhuram” by Anil Kumar, “Bhetala” by Rohit Krishna, “Kadivalama” by Ananya Ayachit, “Talaari” by Degala Sai Akhil Yadav and “Chetak” by Gandhapuneni Nandan.

The festival was attended by industry luminaries Akkineni Nagarjuna, Founder of AISFM, Amala Akkineni, Hon. Director of AISFM, veteran actor Tanikella Bharani, famous director Indraganti Mohan Krishna, young heartthrob and actor Akhil Akkineni, well-known actors Srinivas Avasarala, Adivi Sesh, director Omkar, reputed writer Gopimohan, veteran writer and actor K.L. Prasad and Bala Rajasekharuni, Dean of AISFM.

AISFM Founder Akkineni Nagarjuna lauded the students’ efforts in making the brilliant short films and added how short films were now no less than feature films in terms of the expertise they need, and he added, people can look at options beyond Pune for film education today. “I am confident that the kind of talent that I have seen here today is no less than that of any film professional.”


AISFM Director Amala Akkineni, congratulated the graduates and said the purpose of the festival was to create a premier environment for the students as a way of celebrating their achievements in filmmaking. “We all are very excited and eager to watch the wonderful films that will be premiered over two days by our talented graduating students. The purpose of this festival is to create a platform for the students as a way of celebrating their achievements in filmmaking. Such festivals not only recognise exceptional student work but also allow insightful feedback from the jury and variety of film professionals that enhance student skills,” she said.

Dean of AISFM, Bala Rajasekharuni, lauded the students’ efforts and said “Through this grad film festival our school is committed to linking films, filmmakers, audiences and the industry. AISFM Grad Film festival provides an opportunity for the talented filmmakers to share their work and engage with working industry professionals and gain valuable advice from the experts, which helps them shape their careers in the film industry”. He further added that apart from artistic merit, AISFM also equips the student filmmakers with the commercial realities of the industry and market expectations, in order for them to succeed in the industry.


Veteran actor Tanikella Bharani said that in the past, “the only way to learn about the art of films was either through theatre or by watching old films. After FTII in Pune, this is the only other well established vibrant film school in the country.” He added that film schools now do the job that Telugu dramas did back then which is an opportunity to discover yourself. Eminent screen-writer K L Prasad added that he is now in a role of an educator but wished someone had educated him before he entered films. Akhil Akkineni praised the students’ work and stressed on the need of film education.


Mohana Krishna Indraganti, an FTII product himself and Srinivas Avasarala emphasised on the importance and requirement for more film schools and the need to nurture right awareness before they enter feature films. Adivi Sesh recollected his Kshanam memories, a part of which was shot at AISFM premises and congratulated the students on their outstanding films.


The Man behind the “Visual Treat”: D.o.P of “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” at AISFM Campus!


SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” is breaking all records with its successful run at the box-office. The film which is in its second week has garnered an estimated whooping 1000 crore across India, on its second Monday.

Mr. K K Senthil Kumar, D.o.P/Cinematographer of “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” visited the AISFM Campus for an Interactive session. AISFM hosted a special screening of “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” for its cinematography students and also for the camera technicians working for Annapurna Studios. Followed by the screening, Senthil was congratulated by AISFM, for the huge success of the film and the impact it is creating on millions of people.


As VFX and storyline are an integral part of the movie, Senthil shared his thought-process and ideas on certain shots of the film.; sharing facts like – the film was shot on 4:3, rather than a 16:9 to purposely serve the IMAX screen. “The directors vision for the complete series was accurate in his head, and as the D.O.P, I helped him execute that vision through my camera. We worked with each other on most of the pre/post production,” said Senthil answering a question posed by one of our students.

When asked about ‘VFX to normal scenes ratio’ in the movie, and how it acts on his decision-making while capturing particular scenes; he said “The key is to keep it simple. I always try to keep it simple while I’m working. I have a list of scenes and I approach each one with the simplest solutions.” he answered.


“As the film had exceeded expectations with the first part of the movie, the director had to take it up a notch, to surpass the audiences’ expectations which were set really high, already,” he added in the Q/A session, which was really insightful for the attendees who could gain behind-the-scenes knowledge about this blockbuster phenomenon taking over the world.

He also mentioned that planning and resource management is really important with a high budget project like Bahubali. He further added that, it took a complete year of pre-production before the sequel’s shoot began. If a brief idea of what has to be projected on screen is fairly accurate in the head, the execution becomes way easier. He mentions the skill-set to be prepared for instinctive decisions as when the shoot happens, improvisation for getting an edge should be done, naturally on a regular basis.

As Bahubali will be known for setting a trend, in the size that it has, it was an honour to have an interaction with the D.o.P of the biggest hit in the cinema industry, making and breaking records, in quality of talent and quantity of revenue, while uniting the world globally with the fascinating art of filmmaking.

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Marathon runners inspire!


Marathons are rightly considered to be one of the most difficult physical challenges that a person can undertake, and requires months of preparation and dedicated training for the running to be a success. Once someone dedicates themselves to running, whether as an avenue to have more energy or simply live a healthy lifestyle, it becomes a habit.

What could possibly motivate someone to take on such a gruelling task? What would drive someone to jump out of bed in the early morning hours and run for countless miles before most people even hear the alarm go off? Well, for some of us here, its sheer satisfaction, a sense of achievement, pushing one’s limits and much much more, at the end of the marathon. A great achievement indeed!

AISFM was duly represented at the Hyderabad Marathon; while some participated in the half-marathon others did so in the 10k and 5k run. ‘Life’s a marathon, not a sprint,’ for these few individuals who have successfully completed the marathon! Here’s what they had to say about what the marathon means to them and what they felt after completing the marathon.

I have been a passionate runner since the age of 11 years and I was introduced to marathons in 1984. Since then I have been participating in majority of the marathons conducted in India. It gives me a great feeling to be a part of these marathons. It keeps me going great guns in life.

Participation in marathons is one part but running as such is a great sport. Running not only helped me to keep myself physically fit over the years but also taught me to be disciplined, motivated and remain with high energy levels throughout the day. If you remain physically fit by cultivating the habit of running, then you will automatically develop mental toughness to face all changes in life. My advice to students is that they should make running as part and parcel of their daily curriculum for a healthy and longer life span.

This marathon, in particular, was like testing myself if I still could go without proper training because honestly I didn’t put in enough of what it takes. But the sense of self-achievement that you get after the finish line is worth all the pain for me. And mainly the positive energies of the sport are all that I need to keep going there.

The feeling of completing the marathon was Happy Pain! It’s like you want to dance with joy, but you just can’t. But the next thought that comes to mind is that I need to work on my stamina and run faster the next time. I am running the Bangalore half-marathon in October and aiming for a finishing time of 2.45 hrs!

This was my first marathon and long-distance running race. Firstly, I am not a long sprinter and I can’t run for long distances. But I just wanted to push my limits and that is the reason I participated in this marathon. I couldn’t finish in the top places but I could complete the race. I am happy that I performed my best and finished the race with 54.35 timing. From now on I will run every marathon possible so that I can improve myself more.

The post marathon feeling was awesome! The best part of the marathon was the participation of handicapped people, they inspired me a lot. I questioned myself that ‘if a disabled person could do that much, then why am I afraid of long runs.’ This marathon gave me the confidence and inspiration for my future races. And I am very thankful to the college for their support.

It was great experience! Although this was my first time participating in a public event, it gave me a nostalgic feeling running with kids and people whom I’ve never met before. Running alongside physically challenged people inspired me a lot. I would like to ask people I know to get into marathon running every year. It felt like an accomplishment when I finished the marathon and I have set a time limit for myself for the next time I run in a marathon.

I felt that the marathon is similar to life; people sweat it out to reach their goals and at a certain point they even think of giving up. But after reaching the goal without shortcuts, without giving up, that exhilarating feeling cannot be expressed in words! This was my first 5K run and it was quite a good experience. Many people participated in the run and some of them were handicapped who were definitely the inspiration for many others. When my friends asked me about my weekend, I gave a good reply rather than the usual ‘just another lazy weekend!’

It was a great experience to run in the Hyderabad marathon, as it was my first one in Hyderabad. Marathon for me is a day to get social, enjoy the moment, music and fun. I was U-19 cricket player and used to train hard and go for 8km runs daily. Unfortunately I couldn’t continue cricket further and after coming to Hyderabad I stopped training. I was short of time and came up with excuses daily for not going for a run. All I needed was a start and this marathon helped me on that. I enrolled but I was worried as I had lost my stamina and I was not sure if I could complete the run. But as the marathon started, the moment was awesome! With everyone cheering and the music, it gave me the energy and I completed the 5km successfully with a timing of 26 minutes. It makes me feel proud to complete the 5km run especially when I lacked the stamina.

With the push that I needed with this marathon, I have started running again and am going to KBR Park daily in the morning. I wish to join the 21 km in the next marathon. I’d suggest that each and every one should start running because it’s good for health and fitness and it makes us feel active and energetic for the whole day.

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