Facilities at AISFM

AISFM is situated on a 22-acre studio campus and offers its students several facilities to ensure they get everything they require to successfully finish their degree. We are a holistic film school that gives our students a chance to excel in their filmmaking endeavors. Our aim and vision to produce … [Read more...]

The AISFM and CILECT Connect

Centre International de Liaison des Écoles de Cinéma et de Télévision or CILECT is the association of the world’s major film and television schools. Founded in Cannes in 1954, with a goal to provide a means for the exchange of ideas among member schools, and to help them understand the future of … [Read more...]

100 industries that employ content designers!

Content Design: What Is It? To begin with, “content design” in simple terms is designing of text, pictures, animated content or vfx content in a way that looks attractive to people. This is a very effective medium in advertisements, both print and digital; apart from its wide use in movies, … [Read more...]

A Gala Women Affair

Annapurna International School for Film and Media (AISFM) laid the foundation for “#SHEINSPIRES, an award instituted to recognise a woman who beat challenges in her life to create a space for herself across different spectrums of life. Among the 28 nominations received, 5 were the chosen winners - … [Read more...]

Students Of Oakridge International School attend the Film Appreciation class at AISFM

What qualifies you as a movie lover is extreme passion for cinema, no matter what your core career path is, and what age group or gender you belong to. Movie lovers are after all a community of their own.  If you are one of those film buffs, this course is for you. You’ll enjoy every bit of it, … [Read more...]

Women – Virtually limitless in the digital era.

The world we live in is getting more and more tech savvy by the minute. It is crucial for us to get with the time, now more than ever. The digital era seems to have penetrated our work life as well. With more and more jobs now focusing on the digital way, we too need to be more technology oriented. … [Read more...]

The Outbound Adventure

All work and no play is not the motto we follow at AISFM. We believe that team building and training is the core responsibility of our organisation. As people have diverse skill sets and personalities, this can contribute to improper implementation, conflict and competition leading to team … [Read more...]

How to write an SOP

aisfm sop

Probably the most misunderstood and most underrated document that a student submits to a college is an SOP. A Statement of Purpose or ‘SOP’ refers to the essay that a student sends to the college where he’s applying along with his Bachelors or MBA application form. It talks about himself and why he … [Read more...]

Cinema with purpose – Regional and culturally linguistic films

indian film industry

When the words ‘good film’ or ‘impactful movie’ are said, one’s mind usually goes towards Hollywood or Bollywood almost immediately. What one forgets is the array of films made by regional cinema throughout the world. Indian regional cinema, the Asian movie industry, Eastern cinema or the European … [Read more...]

Is the camera your best friend? Make it your career buddy with a photography degree

career photography aisfm

Photography is one the most overwhelming forms of expression and communication. It plays a pivotal role in accomplishing one's creative vision. Whether it’s an amateur desiring to narrate a story, an entrepreneur hoping to sell a product or a hobbyist aspiring to capture the beauty of the … [Read more...]