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The Birth and Rise of Snapchat – A Player in the Big League!


Possibility is, you have heard of Snapchat by now. In fact, you may be even the loyal “Snap-chatter” using it! Snapchat started out as a Social Tool catering to a high school goers dream when it comes to privately sending photos not meant for everyone else, solely meant for private sharing. In the world of digital viewing and social media, there is a constant entry of programs with new concepts and ideas being put online. Making one that sticks is the tricky part. The social world that is dominated by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram makes it tough for other applications to cut through the clutter and claim it’s spot as a social media success.

Snapchat is a simple Photo/Video messaging app. It does allow us to send a variety of photos and videos to specific people, or to anyone who is on our list. What gives an edge to it as an app? Those pictures and videos disappear after 24 hours – gone! Or even 10 seconds. Try to take a screenshot of it, the other side will get a notification. The entire concept of Snapchat revolves around, to showcase life as it happens. While there are no ‘like’ and ‘heart’ buttons involved, you can keep a track on how many people have viewed your ‘Snap Stories’ every day; they can reply back just the same way.

Snapchat initially gained popularity with a younger crowd. High school goers and college students brought the app to the limelight. Snapchat in the later years has stepped out of its shadows of being misused by the kids and has now become innovative, effective and an exciting social media tool for people and also a business tool for businesses likewise. Having over 7 billion video views every single day, it’s no wonder why you have not only heard of Snapchat, but why so many businesses want to know, what it’s all about.


Social-Demographics_snapchat (1)

When discussing companies that embrace the opportunity that Snapchat offers with communication, Taco Bell quickly recognized the potential of Snapchat, as it could offer a more exclusive experience than platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It was one of the first companies to begin Snapchat as a tool in reaching its target audience. Over 71% Snapchat users are between the ages of 18-34, where only 16 % of the same groups use Facebook on a regular basis.

Another USP that Snapchat offers is, the content that an individual posts becomes extremely valuable. Compared to other social media platforms where users are scrolling through feeds and not absorbing all the content that is being displayed, Snapchat on the other hand, forces users to pay attention, as the photo/video is gone for good. If the aim is to stick a product or an idea in the consumer’s mind, Snapchat flawlessly paves a new way to do so.

Snapchat is the perfect outlet for a business to really spread its wings, creatively, and will probably end up being one of your favorite apps if you use it properly. The trick is all about adjusting your Snapchat stories to fit your business, and plenty of global businesses are jumping on board, believing in the potential of Snapchat and the reach it has to offer. The featured section of Snapchat offers the content from these global businesses sending out their content using Snapchat on a daily basis viewed by billions. Some of the names of these global businesses are seen in the featured section are as follows:


  • MTV
  • b/r
  • CNN
  • Food
  • Refinery29
  • Comedy Central
  • Daily Mail
  • Brother
  • Tastemade
  • Mashable
  • BuzzFeed
  • National Geographic
  • People
  • Cosmopolitan

Even global events all over the world happening at the time, are in view for everybody using Snapchat. As a combination of all the stories taken of the event are merged into one, for an intimate viewing experience for the app user.

Snapchat: Evolution with Technology

Introduction of Augmented Reality: One of the most innovative features that Snapchat cleverly introduces in its functioning is the camera filter’s combination with a number of filters changing the current picture in a witty way. Snapchat has made augmented reality an everyday part of Snapping.

Hold your thumb on the Snapchat camera. It scans your face. Next, just a right swipe of your finger and keep scrolling to see the variety of filters Snapchat has in store for you. For videos, they have a couple of good features to play with the edit; the slow-motion, the fast-forward and the reverses are other “cool” bunch of features, the application offers.

With even voice changing features, it gives an added effect to the picture consisting of Augmented Reality. It’s fun, succeeds in giving a laugh and if done too much get’s irritating. But nonetheless, this feature works in favor of Snapchat and is in room for further advancement in the coming year.

1-gLtfQu1-6BZ23ZXTgx3PIQ (2)

According to the recent updates in 2017, Snapchat has close to 150 million daily active users. IPO with a valuation of 20 billion, Snap Inc. is making it hard for the other platforms to keep up. Facebook has been trying hard to keep up with the rise, looking to introduce face-filters for its photos. Instagram now has Stories. To keep up, even WhatsApp might have the Stories feature soon. Snapchat is a perfect example of a journey that got what it deserved by playing all their cards right. Snapchat will be remembered for a revolution; it has evolved and will evolve extensively, in the coming future.

A dozen tips on how to get a job using social media


Social media has made it all the more easier to find a job, and the right one at that! It connects you to the right people who can help you get your dream job. Of late, more and more companies are hiring people using social media and so are young professionals using it to find ‘the’ perfect job.

Sure, most people know how to use social media in their personal lives, but not many realise that it has a lot of power to make or break your job search. Studies have shown that most (92%) companies are using social media for hiring and hiring managers will check out a candidate’s social profiles.

To compete in this new talent marketplace, you need to understand who you are, what differentiates you and also establish your personal branding online. Searching for jobs ‘the right way’ on social media should be a big time part of your job search strategy.


So, how should you tap into the power of social media to make searching for jobs easier? Well, worry not. Here are all the tips you need to use on every platform out there to your advantage.

  1. Establish your social presence
    Before you start searching, put your best foot forward and the first step is to identify your goals and objectives. Make sure you know what you are going after, before you start posting, ensure you know how each platform works, what you are posting and what your objectives are.
  2. Get relevant online
    Now that you have created your amazing social profiles, it is time to start creating a persona that will showcase who you really are and help you get more out there.  Putting up the right information is much more difficult than creating your profile itself. You can have the greatest looking profile in the world, but if it’s not relevant, there is no point.  blog_2
  3. Start searching
    Nearly all companies are using social media at some point in their hiring process. Visit the popular job portals, sign up to receive emails alerting you to new postings that meet your criteria, such as location or keyword and save time by focusing on sites that list openings exclusively in your area of interest.
  4. Reach out to people
    Many job-seekers waste their time networking with people who can’t really help them. Instead have a target list of companies likely to have jobs you are interested in based on your industry and job function and focus your networking activities on reaching the decision-makers in those companies. Send an intro email that describes how you met the person, describe your background and career goals and request for help. If you don’t get a response within three days, call that person and follow-up on the email you sent. Stay in touch with them and as you keep reaching out to and meeting with more and more decision-makers your network will grow larger and larger.
  5. From online to interview
    The key to landing a job is turning your online connection into a real-life interview. It would be ideal if you had the interview in person and not by telephone or on Skype or FaceTime, because a face-to-face meeting will give the interviewer the best chance for getting to know you and you will too. blog_1
  6. Make sure it is squeaky clean
    We hope you know this one already but nevertheless we will mention it. Make sure any public information on your various profiles is super clean. This definitely does not just mean profanities; you should also consider removing articles that are politically divisive or could be considered offensive and the like.
  7. Don’t be out there on everything
    Do not have an account on everything, being active on social media doesn’t obviously mean opening an account on every platform possible. It is much better to have an up-to-date account on one or two platforms than have many that you haven’t even looked at in years. It would help to have a LinkedIn account for obvious reasons, and a Facebook or Twitter; beyond that, see what is important for your industry and make one. blog_5
  8. Your real name
    Much as tempting as it may be, do not pick a punchy nickname or handle when making your profiles. Keep it simple and use your real name. This is not just professional but will also help people find your profile when they search for your name. If you have a common name or go by a nickname, make sure to choose a consistent name you will use across platforms and have your real name somewhere on each account.
  9. Keep your image consistent
    It would be good if you have a friendly, clear, latest and professional image across all platforms. If you are not sure, what ‘professional image’ looks like, just take a look at what the people in your industry are wearing and do the same. It will do well for your professional image too.
  10. All accounts in one place
    A personal website, professional blog or landing page is a good option or you could link them all from your LinkedIn profile, to create a central hub where you can collect all your presences around the web.  This will help hiring managers or potential contacts search for you on social media for potential jobs, and they can easily find all the profiles you want them to see. blog_3
  11. What’s your plan?
    Just like you check your Facebook and Twitter accounts; it is a great idea to check LinkedIn every day in the same way. To help keep yourself on track, come up with a plan for how often you will interact with LinkedIn. Keep checking and updating your profile regularly with the latest.
  12. Connect with people you know
    To increase your chances of getting a job faster, send people requests to connect on LinkedIn if you’ve interacted with them in some other way before; met at a networking event or sent an email back and forth.Follow people who work at your dream companies, it will help you get more information, when they tweet about job openings, helping you find them before other people do. It will also help you stay in the loop about the company and give you an edge during interviews. And maybe you can develop an actual connection by interacting with them, giving you a better shot at getting a job at the company.

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