Celebrate This Diwali Differently

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Celebrating ANR’s best avatars from the silver screen

Remembering Akkineni Nageshwar Rao widely known as ANR on his birthday, the man who dedicated 75 years of his life to cinema, by reminiscing his groundbreaking acting skills and flawlessness on screen. The versatile and charismatic actor from the golden age of Indian cinema, who was acted till … [Read more...]


AISFM held its annual Grad Film Festival recently. Here’s what went down on the day. Annapurna International School of Film and Media held their annual grad film fest recently. This is an excellent platform for our students to showcase their talent in different aspects of filmmaking. All the work … [Read more...]

Women – Virtually limitless in the digital era.

The world we live in is getting more and more tech savvy by the minute. It is crucial for us to get with the time, now more than ever. The digital era seems to have penetrated our work life as well. With more and more jobs now focusing on the digital way, we too need to be more technology oriented. … [Read more...]

How a degree in filmmaking can change your life

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The media and entertainment industry in India has grown exponentially in the past decade. According to a Deloitte report, our country alone produces the most number of movies in the world, between 1,500 and 2,000 every year in over 20 languages. This is far more than the 700 or so films made in the … [Read more...]

PAGE conducts its annual career fair at AISFM

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PAGE visited our campus to conduct its annual career fair, where some of the prestigious names in the educational sector were a part of it. Noted educationist and the principal of Delhi Public School, Hyderabad, Mrs. Geeta Vishwanath, graced the event. An alumnus of Rosary Convent, she completed … [Read more...]

Award Winning Sound Designer at AISFM

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‘Sound design’ is a specialized aesthetic technique that only international filmmakers appreciate & understand. Very few Indian filmmakers apply this to their films – and they readily stand out from the crowd. With the recent Oscar Award for Sound for Resul Pookutty, majority of Indian filmmakers … [Read more...]

DadTalk by The Literary Club of AISFM

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The Red Fist event by The Literary Club on 13th October at Mayabazar Cafeteria included DadTalk, a platform where people from different walks of life come together to share their experiences on culturally relevant topics, helping break down the mechanisms of these phenomena. Guests who … [Read more...]

Kandaswamy Bharathan joins MMBA Advisory Board at AISFM

Well-known Producer of award winning films such as Roja, Annamalai, Muthu and many others Kandaswamy Bharathan is now on the MMBA Advisory Board of AISFM. An alumnus of Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad (IIMA), he joined the renowned Chennai based production house Kavithalayaa, more than … [Read more...]

Beat your Writer’s Block!

It’s a nightmare for writers’! It’s an annoying thing that refuses to go away, no matter what you do! For many writers, bloggers or just about anybody who wants to write an article; the worst part of the whole writing experience is the very beginning, when you are sitting at the table staring at the … [Read more...]