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The many faces of Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington has teamed up once again with his Training Day director Antoine Fuqua in The Equalizer. Denzel may not get the superb Press he got in his heyday, but that doesn’t mean we forget that he’s been in some superb films. Here are our top 5.

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5 steps to becoming a great actor

If you think having a successful career as an actor is easy, then you’ve got it all wrong. But if you follow these simples steps it could help you on your way.

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The top character actors in Bollywood

Forget the superstars for a minute and concentrate on the actors that really drive the film. Here are Bollywood’s top 10 finest actors.

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10 screen politicians who are more interesting than their real world counterparts

In the constituency of tinsel town, where policies don’t matter, political figures are far more attractive. Suchetana Bauri takes a look at the 10 fictional politicians who brought the ballot box to our screens.   [Read more…]

Gotham’s Dark Knight turns 75: Batman Evolution

On March 30, 1939, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics No.27. To mark 75 years of the Gotham’s dark knight, this infographic charts his greatest cinematic appearances. [Read more…]

Indian sitcoms that will have you in splits

While most of us are glued to American sitcoms, there are some homegrown series that are just as good, writes Suchetana Bauri.  [Read more…]

Before there were stars, there were strange kids!

Did today’s stars already have that spark that set them apart when they were children? Ritika Saxena lists the celebrities who metamorphosed from gawky kids to gorgeous adults. [Read more…]

Antiheroes who swept us off our feet with their villainy

What Indian cinema needs is some cracking antiheroes. After all, we have done it in the past. [Read more…]

The five most memorable movie entrances in Hindi Cinema

Suchetana Bauri rounds up of the greatest on-screen character introductions. [Read more…]

When stars explode: Top Ten celebrity meltdowns

Shia LaBeouf’s wearing a paper bag on his head, Justin Bieber’s still urinating willy-nilly, and Reality TV stars can’t get a handle on things. But these latest cases of celebrity hi-jinx are in line with a history of star meltdowns over the decades. We bring you a few of the most notable.

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